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Can I Sleep with a Heated Jacket?

02 Feb 2023 0 Comments

“To withstand the bitterly cold, I bought a heated jacket. But I’m not sure whether I can wear it to have a nice sleep.”

Is it safe to wear a heated jacket in sleep.

Keeping toasty and warm is a priority in winter. Everyone would like to use heated gear to create a warm environment in cold weather, like heated jackets.

A heated jacket facilitates people in winter with remarkable heating performance. Powered by a battery, it generates heat across the body to keep out the cold. It not only dispels the cold annoyance for those who always work outside but also extends more enjoyment for outdoor enthusiasts.

Venustas Heated Jacket

Undoubtedly, a heated jacket is a great option in cold areas. With its popularity increasing, some people would like to buy a heated jacket to sleep but they worry the security. Well, we write the blog to extend more details.

Is it safe to wear a heated jacket?

Yeah, we can honestly tell you that it is safe to wear a heated jacket (if you follow instructions). Heated jackets come a long way and the heating technology has been guaranteed. Also, the using battery is certified to ensure performance and security. Besides that, most manufacturers are more likely to choose reliable heating elements and fabric to enhance security.

Heated Jacket

Expected for guaranteed security, a heated jacket has a lot of benefits. Some users said it seems the warmth generated by a heated jacket has a good effect on blood promotion. It is definitely an ideal choice for old people. And its warmth can be adjusted to overcome different degrees of cold.

Can I sleep with a heated jacket?

Sometimes it’s not warm enough to sleep with blankets on a freezing night. Maybe you want to wear a heated jacket, but you have some hesitation given the security. Well, this concern is common. Yeah, we can say heated jackets are safe to use but we do not recommend you sleep with it. Below are the reason and please read carefully.

Can I sleep with a heated jacket?

Sleep takes a lot of time and people normally are unconscious in sleeping. You know, heated jackets are related to electricity. So, if you wear it to sleep, the jacket may overheat to harm you, or the battery would be out of power. Secondly, experts said our skin would become dry in dehydration and cause skin irritation and itching. Also, a heated jacket used in night’s sleep may affect our sleeping habits. Studies show that our body temperature drops in sleep to help us have a nice dream. If you sleep with a heated jacket, we worry your sleep quality would drop.

camping in winter

Although we do not suggest you have a night’s sleep with a heated jacket, it can be an alternative if you are camping or hiking without a warm blanket or sleeping bags. (Note: Do not sleep with it for a long time at high level in case of overheating.)

Heated jacket safety tips

A heated jacket is an ideal choice to withstand the cold weather, especially in high-latitude and high-altitude areas. If you prepare to pick one, we suggest that you need to follow some safety tips.


  • Battery should be kept away from the liquid. For example, remember to remove the battery when washing and put the battery in a pocket on rainy days or snow days.
  • Fully charge the battery before you use and remember to charge it every 3 months to keep the heating performance.
  • Shut off the battery immediately if you feel something uncomfortable in case of accidents occur.
  • Battery should not be stored with metal objects to prevent circuit risks.
  • Don’t use a pin with the heated jacket because it maybe would damage the heating elements.


All in all, heated jackets are perfect for winter. It’s an ideal outfit for outdoor work and outdoor activities. But starting with security, we don’t recommend you wear it to sleep.


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Heated apparel 5V

Heated apparel 7.4V

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