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Are Heated Jackets Bad for You?

27 May 2022 0 Comments

“My friend asked me a question “Are heated jackets bad for your health?” when I wear my favorite heated jacket. Hahaha.......He is so funny!”

With the development of advanced technology, heated jacket has become increasingly popular for many young people as well as the elderly. A comfortable and warm electric jacket is a best option for most youthful people who are keen on outdoor activities in freezing winter. And most old people especially those who suffered arthritis or rheumatism like to wear a heated clothing during long winter days.

Heated Jackets

But there are still some people raising one question: Are heated jackets bad for you? Most of them have doubts about the security of the heated jacket. Well, there is no need to worry. This blog will urge these people not to panic and help them acquire more knowledge about heated jacket.

Electric leakage?

Generally speaking, water and electricity are incompatible. So, when comes to the heated jacket, some people wonder whether there is the risk of electric leakage when wearing it in rainy or snowy days. Even most of them are afraid to wash the heated jacket because there are heating elements and wires put inside the apparel.

Heated Jacket Battery

Actually, there is almost no risk if you follow the washing instructions. Normally, the heated jacket on the market is designed with low voltage like 5V or 7.4V, which cannot cause injury to human beings. In addition, most good quality heated jackets provide adequate protection against the rain and wind, which allows you to enjoy freedom in unpredictable weather conditions.


“Are heated jackets safe? I think they can emit radiation to hurt my skin and body.” In fact, this is a wrong idea from the point of views of science. Although the heated jacket release infrared ray to produce heat, there is no harm to people. Instead, the infrared ray is conducive to promote blood circulation and boost the body’s immunity. Moreover, heating elements across core body areas to generate heat, which keeps you in a warm environment.

Heating elements


Catch fire?

Sometimes we heard the news that the smart phone can catch fire because of the problem of the batteries. Is it same for the heated jacket? The answer is no. Most heated jacket use lithium battery that features higher energy density and excellent stability. Compared with other types of battery, lithium battery is safer and more reliable. Besides, flexible carbon fiber or graphene heating elements in heated jacket have strong thermal conductivity and damage-proof ability, making the effect of the heating system better. In addition, the temperature in high level is usually at 130°F/55°C that cannot achieve the kindling point.

Catch Fire


Safety Instructions for heated jacket

In order to give you a satisfying wearing experience, we will list some important safety instructions below.

1. Remember remove the battery and use mesh laundry bag before washing the heated apparel.

2. Do not bleach or iron the heated apparel.

3. Do not use pins on heated apparel to prevent the damage of the electric wires.

4. Do not put your battery with mental objects to prevent electrical short circuits.

5. Remember keep the battery away from the moisture and liquids.

Now, are you still have an idea that heated jackets are bad for our health? Believe us, a Venustas heated apparel is completely safe to wear, and it is a reliable friend to accompany you to get through the long winter.


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Read Venustas heated jacket manual:

Heated apparel 5V

Heated apparel 7.4V

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