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11 Jan 2023 0 Comments

Best Heated Jackets for Keeping Warm in Winter [2023 Guide]

Heated jackets have a long way to go. It comes with unbelievable heating performance to make it perfect for wintertime, no matter how cold you are.

In the past, a winter coat would be an essential kit to challenge the cold weather. But its bulky always makes some annoyance for us. Also, sometimes a coat cannot withstand the harsh cold. All make a heated jacket more different and necessary.

Happy New Year

Now, the new year is coming, and it is customary to prepare new clothing to say goodbye to the last year. A heated jacket would be a great option for those who are always in cold places. But we know that it’s not easy to select an ideal one. Well, don’t worry. In the passage, you will know the basics about heated jackets and get some recommendations.

How to select a heated jacket?

Graphene vs carbon fiber

Heating element is what a heated jacket depends on to generate heat. It is a thick heating pad inside the jacket to provide warmth when connecting to the battery. Not all the heating elements are same because of different materials.

Heated elements

Graphene and carbon fiber are commonly used. As known, both perform well on thermal conductivity, making a heated jacket more competitive than others. Carbon fiber coming with a long history in heated gear enhances the stability in working, which distributes the heat more evenly to cover you with a comfortable wearing experience. On the other hand, graphene, as a new material, features better performance in damage-proof ability and flexibility. It not only heats in seconds but works longer.

Fleece vs down

The insulation layer means a lot for a heated jacket. It retains the heat to create a warm environment for the human body. In the purchase, layer fabric is what people always focus on. Normally, fleece and down fabric are the most popular materials used in winter clothing. So, which one is better?

Fleece vs down

Both are the great material used in heated jackets for cold weather. Fleece made from the polyester fiber is not easy to out of shape, which enhances the abrasion-proof ability. Also, fleece jackets are not bulky, which can maintain a fashionable outlook without losing warmth. Compared with fleece, down fabric is better in thermal effect. If you prefer looser and warmer clothing, a down heated jacket would be the best.

5V vs 7.4V

A battery gives a heated jacket power to maintain warmth. Generally, a heated jacket includes a battery, in which the lithium battery is used mostly. But something would be different in batteries, like the voltage.

 5V vs 7.4V

In the market, most heated jackets are more likely to be packed with 5V batteries and 7.4V batteries. As introduced, the 5V battery is the first version while the 7.4V is the upgraded one. Compared with 5V, 7.4V features better stability, security and durability. But 7.4V heated jackets are more expensive. Also, 5V batteries only can be used with a 5V heated jacket and 7.4V are the same. Besides that, some manufacturers claimed that they plan to launch 12V batteries to meet more needs in the future.

Best Heated Jackets 2023

Men’s 3-in-1 Heated Down Jacket 7.4V

Men's 3-in-1 Heated Down Jacket

This heated jacket for men is designed with 3-in-1 style, making it fit for all weather conditions. In chilly fall, you can only wear a wind and water-resistant shell for most occasions like hiking, camping, or climbing. When the weather gets cold, adding the down jacket guarantees double warmth to extend your outdoor time in freezing.


  • Water-resistant shell and hood
  • White duck down inner layer
  • 5 carbon fiber heating elements
  • Upgraded 7.4V battery (3-4hrs on high, 4-5hrs on medium, and 8-9hrs on low)
  • Stylish stand collar design

Women’s Long Down Heated Jacket 7.4V

Women's Heated Long Down Jacket

This women’s heated jacket with a long style not only maintains a stylish outlook but also extends more warmth with your thighs. If you are planning to go to an extremely cold place, the long down heated jacket would be a great option, especially for stylish women.


  • 5 core heating zones
  • White duck down filling and sliver mylar thermal lining
  • Long slim tailor design
  • Quick and long-lasting warmth (up to 9 hours)
  • Considerate anti-pitch design


A heated jacket set for most seasons, while you are working or playing. Also, it would be the best for new year. Now, are you ready to buy the best heated jacket with the above information? Let’s enjoy the new year with new warmth!


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Read Venustas heated jacket manual:

Heated apparel 5V

Heated apparel 7.4V


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