Men's 3-in-1 Heated Jacket 7.4V

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Keep the adventure going on even when the weather gets unpredictable! The all-purpose heated jacket for men provides superior, cross-seasonal comfort. The waterproof shell & the inner fleece heated clothing can be worn together or separately. 

  • Up to 8 hours of runtime
  • Advanced carbon fiber heating elements
  • 5 heating zones: left & right chest, left & right shoulders, mid-back
  • Water resistant shell
  • Machine washable
  • YKK zipper
  • Stylish hood
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty on heating elements(Website Only)
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty on battery
  • FREE Shipping in the U.S.&CA
  • FREE Return Shipping in the U.S.
  • 1 × Men's 3-in-1 Heated Jacket 7.4V
  • 1 × Mini 5K Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery (4800 mAh, 7.4V)
  • 1 × Battery Charger with US Plug (Input Voltage: 100-240V)
  • 1 × User Manual (English)
Size: S
Color: Black
Men's 3-in-1 Heated Jacket

Men's 3-in-1 Heated Jacket 7.4V


Men's 3-in-1 Heated Jacket 7.4V

Size: S
Color: Black
  • Graphene is stronger than diamond and is the thinnest, strongest, and most flexible known material.
  • It features remarkable electrical and thermal conductivity, damage-proof ability.
  • The Hooded Water-resistant Shell & Inner Fleece heated clothing can be worn together and separately.
  • Unique heating button position design. Opt for this heated apparel if you want a distraction-free switch during night drives.






Heating System

Excellent Heating Performance

  • 5 Graphene Heating Elements generates heat across the core body areas (left & right chest, left & right shoulders, mid-back).
  • 3 Heating Levels for adjusting by pressing the button.
  • 3-4hrs on high, 4-5hrs on medium, 8-9hrs on low heating setting.

Portable Battery

  • Enjoy instant warmth with a 7.4V DC port.
  • Versatile outputs allow you to charge this heated jacket and your mobile phone simultaneously.
  • Easy-to-access button enhances the user-friendly experience.
  • Ensure safety with CE, FCC&UKCA certification.

Materials & Care


  • Shell: 100% Nylon
  • Filling: 98.8% Polyester+1.2% Graphene
  • Lining: 100% Polyester


  • Hand & Machine Washable
  • Do not iron.
  • Do not dry clean.
  • Do not machine dry.
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