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Are Heated Jackets Breathable?

16 May 2023 0 Comments

“My friend recommends a 7.4V heated jacket to me because I’m going to climb snow mountains this weekend. But I have one question: Are heated jackets breathable for outdoor activities?”

Heated Jackets

Of course, it’s a great idea to pack a heated jacket for a snow mountain expedition. Typically, battery-powered heated jackets generate heat to keep the body warm. The adjustable warmth of heated jackets can change the unpredictable climate, especially the places where there’s a significant difference between day and night. Also, the weight of the heated jacket is almost similar to traditional jackets, which enables wearers to enjoy a lightweight and comfortable experience. That’s why we think heated jackets are a great option for climbing snow mountains.

But some people worry about the breathability of heated jackets, especially when they’re used in outdoor activities. Well, we shift our focus to this issue in this blog.

The importance of clothing with good breathability

People always focus on the breathable aspect when they purchase clothes for the following reasons:

Heated Jacket breathability

  • Stay comfort. Even in the cold winter, we still need to select breathable clothes to regulate our body temperatures and prevent overheating. Also, great breathability can evaporate sweat and moisture quickly, which can keep the body dry to dispel any discomfort especially when someone engages in outdoor activities.
  • Maintain healthy skin. Breathable clothes can quickly wick the moisture away to maintain a dry environment for the skin, which prevents the proliferation of bacteria and unpleasant odors.
  • Normally, the breathable fabric can be used for long periods because it’s not easy to out of shape after repeated washing.

Are heated jackets breathable?

When it comes to heated jackets, the heating system is the primary consideration. But in fact, the breathability of such jackets is equally significant for outdoor lovers. As we know, it’s crucial to maintain the balance between warmth and breathability for winter clothing. And many manufacturers are aware of this and strive to achieve this balance in heated apparel, ensuring a comfortable wearing experience.

Heated Jacket Fabric

Whether a heated jacket is breathable or not greatly depends on the fabric and design. Typically, a heated jacket comes with an outer shell and an inner layer. Both layers use different materials because they feature different functions. The outer layer always is used to provide protection against the harsh environment while maintaining breathability. Normally, nylon and polyester are mostly used for the waterproof, windproof, and worn-proof features. And the inner layer is where the heating elements are located. Given the comfort, manufacturers like to choose breathable insulation material, like white duck down and fleece. These materials can keep the body toasty without feeling stuffy.

Heated Jacket Zipper

Moreover, most heated jackets are zipper-up, which not only follows the stylish trend but also allows the air to circulate to keep the body dry.

Can heating elements affect the breathability of heated jackets?

Yeah, we need to recognize that heating elements sewn into the inner layer could affect the breathability of heated jackets to some extent.

Heated elements in heated jackets

Heating elements normally made from carbon fiber are strategically placed in the inner layer to provide warmth. Although these heated elements can provide stable and long-lasting warmth, they could increase the clothing thickness to impede air circulation. And some heated jackets adopt insulating material to prevent heat loss, which may decrease breathability. On the other side, manufacturers would try to place the heating elements in some areas that are less likely to impede air circulation, like the chest or collar. Or they use breathable thermal material to compensate for this shortcoming.


All in all, heated jackets facilitate the fabric and design to improve breathability, which enhances comfort for wearers. If you are an outdoor enthusiast and want to purchase a heated jacket, please don’t hesitate and believe it would not let you down.


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