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8 Indoor Exercise For You To Stay Fit

10 Sep 2021 0 Comments

The fall is here once again! As the temperature goes down, we finally get to the season when we will spend most of our time home. During the fall and winter months, cold air is more likely to keep us indoor and make us lazy, leading us to gain weight and become unhealthy.

So when fall weather comes, do not give in to the autumn call for couch potatoes! It’s an excellent time for us to have some indoor activities and it’s really easy for you to find an indoor hobby you like. Read this article, and you will get some inspiration to keep your body move this fall.


Walking Upstairs


The easiest way to move your body is to climb the stairs. Whether it’s raining, snowing outside, or you just don’t wanna go out, you can still exercise your leg muscles by walking up and down the stairs in your house or the apartment building.


Use Your Couch

8 Indoor Exercise For You To Stay Fit

We know that the couch is the most comfortable place to rest, and you tend to spend most of your time lying on it. But no just for rest, the sofa can also be a good helper for you to do some exercise like sitting-to-standing.


Squats & Lunges

8 Indoor Exercise For You To Stay Fit

For those who seek a higher exercise intensity, squats and lunges are a go-to movement for strengthening multiple muscles at the same time, as well as improving your balance, flexibility, and even core strength.



8 Indoor Exercise For You To Stay Fit

Yoga has benefits physically and mentally for people of all ages. It’s a tough year since we’ve been suffering the pandemic and staying home for a long time. Yoga can help us relieve the stress and disperse the winter blue. And, if you’re going through an illness, recovering from surgery, or living with a chronic disease, yoga can have positive impacts on your treatment and can potentially hasten to heal.



8 Indoor Exercise For You To Stay Fit

Bedroom, living room, balcony, and even backyard...You can do a Plank pose anywhere! Plank pose is an easy, isometric exercise that engages major muscle groups of the body at the same time. A 60 second Plank done several times daily can give you a great core exercise.



If you are looking for something fun to do, it can be dancing! Not just being good for your body, dancing can also benefit your brain. According to the CDC, dance has the added dimensions of rhythm, balance, and music that contribute to the benefits of simple movement. So if you have stayed home for a long time and feel so bored, let’s get up and dance!



8 Indoor Exercise For You To Stay Fit

HIIT (High-intensity interval training) is perfect for those who want to make most of their workouts in a short time. HIIT can not just provide the benefits of the longer-duration exercise dose while in a much shorter time; it can also offer some unique health benefits, including Calorie burning and reducing blood pressure.


Housework, of course

Everybody needs to do housework, right? After all, you must keep your house clean to make it comfortable for you to stay for long winter months. For those who are too lazy to exercise, housework might be a good workout.


Get up and get moving! As the weather cools down, don’t be a couch potato! You can try all the activities above until you find your favorite one. Though days are getting colder, you should also try some outdoor activities since the fresh air, and the sunshine are the essential elements to cheer you up! 

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