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4 Reasons Why You Need Venustas Heated Clothing This Fall

16 Sep 2021

We usually think of vests, jackets, and hoodies for the coming seasonal transaction when it comes to fall weather. In daily life, we are always ready to go when wearing one of them, and during the colder days, we can get the warmth we need by layering up with them.

Venustas makes the best heated clothing that is so versatile during the chilly days from October to April.

4 Reasons Why You Need Venustas Heated Clothing This Fall

Say Goodbye to Cold

The cold body always troubles us in the fall weather- we usually choose to wear a thin hoodie on the cooler days since the thick jacket will make us overheated. Most of us would like to stand the fall chill until the actual winter is coming. However, this comes with a problem- fall chill is sometimes cold enough to make us sick, especially during the early morning and night.

So how can we keep warm and comfortable without being overheated? The answer is heated clothing.

This fall, you would fall in love with this excellent Venustas heated vest which is equipped with an industry-leading heating system. This self heating vest is designed to relieve you from your cold cord body. With the heating panels locate in the mid-back and collar, you can feel the warmth spreading from your cord and then to your whole upper body. What's more, there are two built-in heating panels in the left and right pockets, which make you no longer worry about the cold fingers!

4 Reasons Why You Need Venustas Heated Clothing This Fall

Breathability & Flexibility

The vest is the most popular item for those who love outdoor activities. Vests are the ultimately functional outdoor piece because they don't have sleeves, which means you never need to worry about tight shoulders or puffy arms impeding your swing.

Venustas heated vests are crafted with ultra-soft fiber, which allows you to enjoy breathability and insulation at the same time.

And when it comes to vest insulation, Venustas battery heated vest can do even better. The built-in heating system had been tested and improved hundreds of times before it was released. By using this, you are able to get the additional warmth in seconds after pressing the button.

Fall is the perfect season for outdoor activities. This battery heated vest will keep you toasty and comfortable when climbing, hiking, or camping.

4 Reasons Why You Need Venustas Heated Clothing This Fall

Practice & Convenience

Venustas not only provides an electric heated vest, it also provides jackets and hoodies. As the temperature starts to drop, you can always find the perfect item you need on our website. When you are outside, a heated vest can be your best choice for most days, and when the days are getting colder, a piece of heated jacket is enough. During the windy days, if you prefer staying home, the Venustas blanket hoodie will wrap you up so that you can lie on the couch, watch a good movie, and then enjoy your day.

4 Reasons Why You Need Venustas Heated Clothing This Fall

More Time Outside This Fall

For getting outdoors on cool and cold fall days, it's hard to beat the heated clothing. This simple layering piece adds warmth to your core and is cozy, packable, less bulky than normal outfits. Just wear your electric heated vest or heated jacket, press the button, you will get extra warmth wherever you are, and you can control the heat levels so that you will not sweat and then spend more time outside. Simple and easy.

4 Reasons Why You Need Venustas Heated Clothing This Fall

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Read Venustas heated jacket manual:  

Heated apparel 5V

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