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31 Oct 2022 0 Comments

Why Is My Venustas Heated Jacket Not Working?

“Winter is around the corner. It’s a good time to wear my Venustas heated jacket without any cold. But what makes me upset is the heated jacket cannot heat.”

As developed, heated jackets known as the cold enemy become one of the important parts in our life. It wins a lot of approval owing to its remarkable thermal conductivity compared with traditional clothes.

 Heated Jacket

But not everything is perfect in every coin. Sometimes it is out of work, which makes us feel frustrated. That also promotes our desire to find something wrong with the heated jacket. It’s a tough issue for first buyers. Well, this blog particularly makes a detailed description to fix the issue.

How does Venustas heated jacket work?

It can be kept in mind that the primary thing is to know something how to work once it defects in operation. That’s the rule that can be applied in Venustas heated jacket.

Venustas Heated Jacket

Supported by advanced heated technology, Venustas heated jacket is a battery-powered jacket that can produce warmth generated through the heating elements.

With a fully charged battery, the heated jacket can cover the heat to the core body area in seconds when pressing the button. So, it can be concluded that the battery and heated elements cannot be ignored.

Why is my Venustas heated jacket not working?


What a heated jacket depends on is the battery. It’s the battery that connects to the apparel to generate heat. So, it is a must to check the battery when you find the heated jacket not working.

Venustas Battery

As Venustas described, the power button can flash in red/white/blue when the power cable plugs into the battery port. If the heated jacket cannot work normally as description, it’s a solution to charge the mobile phone with a full-charge battery. (Note: Venustas battery with dual USB ports can charge apparel and phone at the same time.)

So, after testing, the battery maybe has some defects if the phone cannot be charged. If it works normally, the next step is essential to you.

Heating elements

Except for the battery, it’s recognizable that heating element is key to a heated jacket. It’s the heating elements that make the apparel better than traditional clothes. Undoubtedly, warmth origins from the heating elements with the support of the battery. So, if there is nothing with the battery, checking the heating elements is the next step.

Heating elements

Sure, it is easy to find that the heating elements cannot be seen. Maybe some people wonder whether they should pull the jacket apart. That’s a stupid and useless solution. We can do a simple text. That is to connect the healthy battery to the heated jacket, which leads you to feel whether the heat is covered with the body. If not, there’s something wrong with the apparel.

How to take care of Venustas Heated Jacket?

To make heated jackets more wearable, it’s necessary to follow the instructions.  Below are some important tips that should be bear in mind.

  1. Battery needs to be removed before washing.
  2. Keep your battery full of energy.
  3. Do not bleach, wring or twist during washing.
  4. Store it in someplace with good air circulation when the weather warms up.
  5. Keep it from the exposed sun and wet places for a long time.


In a word, just take it easy when finding your Venustas heated jacket not working. What you need to do is to check the battery and apparel to find the root of the problem. If you still cannot fix the issue, you can contact customer service via email ( with detailed information.

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