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Which Heating Elements Are More Effective?

19 Apr 2023

The utilization of carbon fiber heating elements and graphene heating elements in Venustas heated apparel offers an enjoyable warmth experience without any bulky. Despite your being curious about these materials, it is plausible that you know little about the technology behind their use. Hence, we present this article to enlighten and familiarize you with the knowledge of carbon fiber and graphene heating elements.

Why Heating Elements Are So Important?

The selection of a heated jacket largely depends on the quality and number of its heating elements. A robust heating system is capable of providing sufficient warmth, which is necessary for extremely cold environments. One of the most prominent differentiating factors in heated jackets is the integration of a heating element between the fabric layers.

Typically, a heated jacket is designed with 3-6 heating zones, including the right and left chest, as well as the middle or upper back. In addition, some heated jackets feature extended heating elements that cover the core areas, as well as some heating elements incorporated in the collar and sleeves. The heating elements are quite important for heated clothing. If a heated jacket is equipped with more heating panels, shows that it will provide more warmth to you.

How Do Heating Elements Work?

Normally, carbon fiber and graphene are used in heating element and are sewed into the fabric layer. These heating elements generate heat to keep the body warm. A battery is required to power the heating system, wherein the heating cables are connected. Turn on the battery pack, and a low electric current passes through the cables, resulting in the warming of the individual’s body core.

Which Heating Elements Are More Effective?

Next, we will compare carbon fiber and graphene heating elments.




Carbon Fiber

1.High Electrothermal Conversion Efficiency

2.Good Electrical Conductivity

3.Waterproof and Good Insulation

4.Long Lifespan

5.low Cost

6.Lower Energy Consumption

1.Easy to wrinkle

2.Easily oxidized

3.Too thick


1.Heating Evenly


3.Stable and Sturdy

4.Fast Heating(can reach 50°C within 1 min)

1. High Cost

2. Hydrophobicity

3. Production Difficulties

Carbon fiber and graphite show contrasting properties despite sharing the same elemental composition. These two substances are comprised of carbon atoms, yet the arrangement of these atoms distinguishes one from the other. In particular, carbon fiber not only has the inherent intrinsic properties of carbon materials but also possesses the unique textile-like quality of soft processability, rendering it a revolutionary generation of reinforcing fibers.

The utilization of graphene in the heated jacket is primarily driven by its ability to heat effectively and maintain its flexible properties. As a nano-lattice, graphene boasts exceptional strength exceeding that of a diamond. Additionally, the ultra-thin graphene layer does not impede arm mobility, thus making it well-suited for outdoor winter activities such as skiing and snow sports. The Venustas heated jacket is an ideal choice for an outerwear layer in such instances.

Carbon fiber is a material that boasts an electrothermal conversion efficiency of up to 98%. When utilized in heated clothing, it delivers uniform and rapid heating, while also ensuring optimal safety. Furthermore, carbon fiber heating elements demonstrate superior electrothermal conversion efficiency, enabling efficient power use and prolonging battery life. For individuals who always engage in outdoor activities in winter, a Zipper-up Heated Fleece Jacket with extended runtime is an ideal option.


The Venustas heated jackets utilize either carbon fiber or graphene heating elements which possess significant thermal conductivity and resistance to damage, thereby enhancing the efficiency and safety of the heating system. It is our sincere hope that this article can help users know more properties and potential applications of these heating components.


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