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Where to Buy Heated Jackets: A Guide to the Best Options

20 Jul 2023 0 Comments

“It’s my priority to buy a heated jacket since the cold wave is upcoming. But I’m not sure where to buy a heated jacket is the best.”

The weather become increasingly unpredictable due to several factors, like environmental influence, and the temperature in most areas is lower than before. So, cold-weather gear is essential for those who always challenge the cold.

Winter Jacket

In recent years, heated jackets rise to change the traditional way of depending on layers of clothing to seek warmth. Layering with a heated jacket, wearers can get the warmth automatically and adjust the level of warmth in seconds. That’s what they cannot feel in the past.

Now, with so many options available, it’s not easy to know where to buy heated jackets for some people. Well, don’t worry. In the following, we will introduce the shopping way for you to easily get the best heated jacket.

Offline Shopping VS Online Shopping

Offline Shopping

Buying like from physical stores has been a good way to evaluate the performance of something, which can help people to make an informed purchase decision. Many outdoor and sports stores that sell heated gear, such as heated jackets, heated vests, or heated chairs. If you prefer offline shopping, you can visit these specialized stores for purchase. This way conveniently enables you to test the heating performance and clothing fabric. Also, if you have any special needs, and preferences, you can directly consult the shop assistant for suggestions. On the other side, heated jackets sold at these stores often have higher prices.

Online Shopping

If you would not like to spend time visiting traditional retail stores, online shopping is a more convenient alternative. Many e-commerce websites that provide a wide range of heated jackets for customers, such as Amazon, E-bay, or Walmart. Also, top bands such as ORORO, Venustas Heated Apparel, or Gobi Heat, have their own websites where you can directly buy heated jackets. With online shopping, you can easily compare the price of different brands, and go through customer reviews to find the right heated jacket. But we cannot directly physically try on the apparel when shopping, and sometimes we find the received product cannot meet our expectations as described.

Tips for Buying Heated Jackets

Offline shopping and online shopping provide different ways to buy a heated jacket. No matter which way you like, it’s significant to keep these tips in mind.

Research different brands. There are many heated apparel brands on the market, which easily get you hesitated when making choices. If you are the first buyer, we suggest that you can choose the brand with high sales and many good reviews. Just make sure the heated jacket you buy is from a trusted brand.

Read product desription

Read the product Description. When shopping online, it’s important to read the product description because we cannot try on the apparel as in the physical stores. The product description covers a lot of information including heating performance, clothing fabric, battery, and other detail designs. So, it’s advisable to match your need with the product description to pick the perfect one.

Know your personal style and body measurement. Measure the body and choose the suitable size. Generally, it may cause discomfort if the jacket is too loose or too tight.  

Measure your body

Read the customer reviews. Customer reviews can tell us about the reliability of the brand and the quality of products. If there are many negative reviews, it could indicate potential issues or problems with the products.

Check the exchange or return policy. It’s annoying to find something you bought from the website cannot be exchanged or returned. So, it’s essential to check the exchange and return policy. By reviewing these policies, you will have a clear understanding about whether their buying is guaranteed.  

Exchange or return

Consider the after-sale support. It mainly includes the product warranty service. Most heated jackets are covered reliable warranty policy, normally from 1 year to 3 years.

If there is something with the heated jacket within the warranty period, users can contact customer service for help.

Heated Jacket FAQs 

  • How do heated jackets work?

A heated jacket is built with a heating system, including heating elements, heating settings, and a battery. Connect the fully-charged battery to the apparel, press the power button, and the heating elements can be activated to generate heat.

  • How long do heated jackets last?

It depends on several factors, such as heating levels, the number of heating elements, and battery type. Typically, Venustas 7.4V heated jacket can work for 3-4 hours at high level, 5-6 at medium level, and 8-9 hours at low level.

  • Are heated jackets safe?

Of course, they are. With advanced heating technology, heated jackets can provide comfortable and safe warmth. In the use of heated jackets, please follow the manufacturer using instructions.


In a word, heated jackets are become increasingly essential and available in the market. Hope this guide can help you fix the issue of where to buy heated jackets. No matter which way and which store you would like to purchase the heated jacket, remember to consider the heating performance, size chart, personal style, and related shopping policy.


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Read Venustas heated jacket manual:

Heated apparel 5V

Heated apparel 7.4V

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