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What Should I Look for in a Heated Jacket? [Complete Guide]

15 Feb 2023 0 Comments

“What I want to wear in cold months is a heated jacket. I thought it may be better than my traditional jacket. Well, do you know what heated jackets should I buy?”

A battery-operated heated jacket is designed for cold conditions to stay warm and comfortable. With competitive performance, it gradually replaces the traditional down jackets, especially in the coldest places.

Heated jacket in winter

Following the heated jacket trend, it’s easy to find that there are a lot of brands emerging. Well, it also means that brands with different specifications on heated jackets make people hard to choose an ideal jacket. Simply, some people easily could be lost in multiple brands because it seems heated jackets are the same. And it could make some annoyance if you find a heated jacket you purchased is not reach your expectation.

To make it easy to choose, we write this passage to help you get some key considerations before ordering.  


Warmth is what a heated apparel brand would like to advertise. Well, it’s essential to start by considering what type of insulation a heated jacket has.

Heated jacket insulation

To extend the functionality, a heated jacket uses different materials in the inner layer and the outer layer. Polyester and nylon are great fabrics for the exterior of a heated jacket, making it water-resistant and worn-resistant. Whether you’re out for a hike, camping, or skiing, a heated jacket with a water-resistant shell keeps you relaxing no matter the weather.

Down and synthetic insulation are mostly used in the inner layer as they provide excellent warmth while still being lightweight and breathable. Even when the battery is out of power, the inner insulation always guarantees warmth across the body, making you feel like you are wrapped in a cozy blanket.

Heating elements

We all know heating elements are the key to producing warmth. With a small design, it is in the inner layer and users can hardly notice it when wearing a heated jacket. And it generates heat when you plug the cable into a specially designated battery and press the power button.

Heating elements for heated jackets

As studied, most heated jackets commonly use carbon fiber and graphene in heating elements as both feature remarkable thermal conductivity, stability and security. Not only a heated jacket could heat up in seconds, but also guarantee the heat distribute evenly to the body areas.

Also, the number of heating zone varies on multiple heated jackets. If you’re afraid of cold, 5-6 heating elements would be better.

Heating setting

Heated setting for heated jacket

A heated jacket with adjustable settings would be better because its targeted warmth meets various needs. Users can adjust the heating level depending on the weather and body temperature at any given moment. Also, it plays an important role in some places with huge differences in day-night temperatures, like deserts or mountains.


Heated Jacket Batetry

When evaluating a heated jacket, its battery is a heated discussion. A battery is the power source of a heated jacket. Many heated jackets come with rechargeable batteries to make them easy to use and environmentally friendly. Also, lithium batteries are the great options because they can store more energy to provide long hours of warmth. By the way, the battery life varies on heated jackets. So, it is essential to go through the manufacturer’s battery specifications when making a decision.

Style and size

Winter Coat

Style and size are also our target considerations. Well, it’s sad to expect something but find something is not fit when it arrives. Heated jackets are also designed with various styles to give the users the best experience, like classic or stylish, regular or slim, hoodie or no hoodie, etc. Based on your preference, you could read the product description and check out the online review to find the best one.


All in all, it requires careful consideration of several factors including insulation, battery, heating elements, and style. All these elements combined will help you find the best heated jacket with maximum warmth and comfort.


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