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01 Nov 2022 0 Comments

What Is Heated Wearable Blanket?

Have you ever experienced a situation where you didn't get your warmth despite wearing a lot of clothes? Winter means chilly days. There is no doubt that winter is an excuse to procrastinate when you need to get things done. However, in reality, you can’t just stop doing everything. In situations when it's not possible to stay in the blanket, a heated blanket hoodie is a practical alternative. Yes, you read that right! The heated wearable blanket is a thing.

Furthermore, if you’re stumped about what to get your mom, friend, family member or significant other as a stocking stuffer or small gift, you really can’t go wrong with this warm and cuddly blanket. Who wouldn’t be overjoyed with a practical and cozy gift like this?

What Is the Heated Wearable Blanket?

The electric heated oversized Sherpa hooded blanket is your new comfort buddy! Featuring stylish soft-touch outer fabric and luxurious Sherpa lining, plus heated pads on the front and back. Expertly matched with elastic cuffs and a double-opening front pocket, this cozy blanket hoodie features an oversized design and flexible movement. When you're reading, playing video games, napping on the couch, or camping or hiking in the winter, the wearable hooded blanket can help regulate your body temperature.

Crafted for optimum convenience, this lightweight, durable, heated blanket hoodie can be used as a wearable sweatshirt without turning on the power. One size fits all. For packing up and taking with you to outdoor events, bring a 7.4V battery, and you are good to go.

The Features of Heated Blanket Hoodie

  • Good Insulation

The wearable hooded blanket combines the efficiency of the “hoodie” design, adding more length and width, which results in a super comfy and snuggly blanket. This effect is further enhanced with premium cozy Sherpa fabric. This fabric perfectly captures your natural body heat and maintains its optimal temperature at all times, which is especially useful during the cold months. It allows you to tuck your legs into the wearable blanket to keep warm. No matter whether you're at home, watching TV, working on your laptop, camping, attending sporting events, concerts, walking your pets, or any other activities, wearing it is like a giant cloud hugging you to keep you warm and comfortable.

  • 3 Heating Zones

The electric wearable blanket has built-in 3 heating pads that are 30% larger compared to others on the market. 3 heating zones are distributed across the chest and back for core-body warmth, allowing someone to be wrapped in warmth while chasing away any cooling breeze, like sitting by a burning stove. There are 3 heating levels: 9 hours run-time on low, 6 hrs run-time on medium, and 3,5 hrs on high. Pressing the button on the chest to adjust the temperature is convenient and easy. The right temperature allows you to stay warm and comfortable.

  • Oversized Design

You might also have heard a lot of people say, "The winter season is the most unproductive patch of the year." That's because we all just don't want to come out of our comfy, smooth blanket. And this also leads to regret. But from now on, you won't regret these unproductive days.

How to solve this dilemma? Yes, wearing a hooded blanket, you can quickly get up and sit in your seat. It will give you the same warmth as your favorite blanket. You'll be able to cook, serve, and greet your visitors with ease. You can go out and bring some things or enjoy jogging/hiking with the comfort of a blanket.

So, if you're a vibrant person who also hates being bundled up, this hoodie is a must-have. The oversized design ensures you will be able to work in the cold while being warm and flexible.


Winters are freezing, and at times even coffee or any other warm beverage doesn’t help. Moreover, despite the negative temperature, all of us love the idea of a cool winter breeze hitting our faces. Your winter fun won't be compromised with the heated blanket hoodie. Be it a lazy day or a busy day, it fits in perfectly.


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