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What Is a Best Heated Vest for Hunting?

11 Aug 2022

----“It’s hard to imagine that you go hunting in the bitterly cold winter.”

----“Hahaha, I brave the cold because I have a heated vest for hunting.”


As a hunter, I almost spend my whole life in the wild. Hunting means a lot to me. It’s a lifelong habit that takes over a part of my life. It’s also one of the earning sources to support my family. I get excitement and money from hunting. On the other hand, I hate hunting in the winter. You know, winter in Canada is cold as hell. It is difficult to move a step in the extremely cold weather, not to mention go hunting. However, this winter is different owing to the heated vest.

Heated vest as a miracle to against the cold can generate heat through the heated system to warm your body. For most hunters, a heated vest would be the best companion in the cold wild. So, what’s the best heated vest for hunting and how to choose the best one? This article will tell you about that.

How to choose a heated hunting vest?

  • Warmth

This is the main factor highly valued by people when purchasing a heated hunting vest. Whether a heated vest provides enough warmth or not greatly depends on the heated elements, temperature setting, and battery.

Heating element as a special item inside the apparel can automatically produce heat to keep your body warm. In most heated vests, carbon fiber elements and graphene elements commonly enjoy high ratings due to the excellent thermal conductivity and damage-proof ability.

Temperature setting as a handy design is a guarantee to bring you a comfortable temperature. Normally, a heated vest offers three adjustable heat settings: low level, medium level, and high level.

Temperature setting

Battery is the main support for the production of heat. Without the battery, the heated vest likes rubbish which cannot achieve its value. Glanced at the market, lithium batteries are more likely to receive better feedback than others.

  • Waterproof and windproof

It seems that nobody can predict whether it’ll be rainy or windy when outing for hunting, even an experienced hunter. So, it means that selecting a heated hunting vest featuring outstanding waterproof and windproof ability is a must.

Waterproof and windproof

As a general rule of thumb, the material determines the waterproof and windproof ability. On the market, it usually uses polyester or nylon against the water and wind as the outer of the heated vest, enabling hunters to get rid of the hunting problem caused by extreme weather. Moreover, some heated vests are designed with zipper pockets, which is aimed at accommodating the battery to prevent water intake.

  • Durability

Nobody hopes that the heated vest is out of work after wearing it several times. Durability is one of the most basic factors to stimulate hunters’ purchase desire.


For most hunters, hunting is an outdoor activity needing a lot of physical energy to catch the wild animal. That requires hunters should wear a heated vest that has good characteristics for wear resistance. Most manufacturers specializing in heated apparel mostly use polyester and nylon which are more hardwearing than other materials. Besides that, most heated vests are suitable for machine-wash, which greatly ensures the durability of the apparel.

What is the best heated hunting vest?

Maybe it would waste a lot of your time to pick a heated hunting vest because the market offers many options. To help, I select the 3 best heated vests enjoying high popularity among hunters.

ARRIS Heated Vest for Hunting

ARRIS Heated Vest for Hunting

The first one is from ARRIS, a young heated apparel brand. Most heated vests on market are designed with 3 adjustable temperature settings. But this one is equipped with 5 heating levels, which can meet the user’s demands better.

Venustas Mens Heated Down Vest

Venustas Men’s Heated Down Vest

The second one is from Venustas as one of the leading brands in heated apparel. Compared with the other two kinds, Venustas heated vest not only takes the advantage of graphene heating elements to provide extra warmth but also make good use of 100% nylon material to improve the water-proof ability.

TideWe Men's Heated Hunting Vest

TideWe Men's Heated Hunting Vest

The last one is TideWe Men’s heated hunting vest. Although its overall performance is less outstanding than the other two, the price is still worth its value.


Waterproof and windproof




ARRIS Heated Vest for Hunting

Carbon fiber heated elements

5 heating levels

Lithium Polymer batteries




90 days on battery

1 year on heated elements

Venustas Men’s Heated Down Vest

Graphene Heating Elements

3 heating levels

Lithium Polymer batteries




1 year on battery

2 years on heated elements

TideWe Men's Heated Hunting Vest

Carbon fiber heated elements

3 heating levels

Lithium Ion batteries




 1 year


How to use a heated hunting vest?

Check the apparel and battery. One of the primary things is to check the product carefully when receiving it. If there are some problems with the apparel or battery, it is a right way to contact the service staff as soon as possible.

Read the instructions. It is simple to use a heated hunting vest. Just insert the power cable into the port of the charged battery and then press the power button for 3-5 seconds. For those who first try on the heated vest, maybe there are many concerns in their minds. So, reading the user manual is a great idea.

Take a fully charged battery. Hunting is not easy. It needs an amount of time and energy. Sometimes hunters spend several days in the wild. That means it is essential to take a fully charged battery when hunting.



For me, there is nothing better than wearing a heated vest to hunt in winter. So, are you ready for hunting this winter? If yes, pick the best heated hunting vest in advance!


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Read Venustas heated jacket manual:

Heated apparel 5V

Heated apparel 7.4V



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