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Warm and Safe: Must-Have Hunting Tips

10 Jun 2021 0 Comments

When it comes to winter hunting, especially late-season hunting, there is usually one typical problem-harsh weather. Frigid temperatures tend to slow down the movement of targets but also can get you into brutal trouble. Once you meet the dangerous conditions, the most important thing you should do is speedy retreat. Winter hunting is not an easy task, and sometimes it can be fatal. In order to help you protect yourself in the freezing cold hunting days, we make a list of a few gears and tricks.



Starting at the top, safeguard your head, face, and also ears with a hard hat liner or ski mask. Your head, when exposed to the cold air, can contribute to a great deal of heat loss. If it's possible, have an inner lining that shields your head, face, and neck, followed by an additional hat that adds extra layers to your head, such as a sweatshirt hood, a ball cap, or a woolen stocking cap.

must-have hunting tips


Core Body

The key to keeping your body in good condition is to keep the core body warm. The prolonged low core temperature will cause organ failure and even death. So when you are in a cold environment, it's urgent for you to conserve the body heat and raise your core temperature. Here are some tips to warm up your core body:

  1. Move your body. When you walk in the woods and look for your targets, you might slow down your feet to save energy. Under this circumstance, your body cannot provide enough heat to make you warm. Simply jump or run for a short distance from time to time can be an excellent way to stay at normal body temperature.
  2. Drink water to stay hydrated. When cold air enters your body, you need proper fluid levels to help warm that air, so it doesn't lower your core temperature.
  3. Dry off as soon as possible. The sweat will accelerate heat loss, which can make your body temperature drops. You can use a towel or find yourself dry clothes to raise your core body temperature again. What's more, choosing a breathable and lightweight jacket is a good way to reduce burden and perspiration.
must-have hunting tips



Another necessity is a pair of gloves. Hands are the most difficult body part to protect because they are away from the heart, which means they can't get the heat from the blood circulation as much as the core body, and they are usually exposed to the freezing air. Under this circumstance, heated gloves are highly recommended. With these gloves, your cold fingers can be warmed up in seconds and stay toasty until you pull them out to make a shot.

must-have hunting tips



Keeping your feet protected during winter is essential. A suggested method is to wear thin cotton socks underneath larger wool socks to keep moisture off your feet from sweat and trap the heat.

must-have hunting tips


Hunting in a freezing cold environment is not for everyone, but if you can find ways to get over it, you have the opportunity to experience some of the best hunting of the year. And always bear in mind that safety is the most important thing.

If you've got any other tricks to keep warm when attending outdoor activities during winter, please share them with us. 

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