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Venustas Heated Jackets Keep Turning OFF Troubleshooting Guide

by Little V 14 Jun 2023 0 Comments

“It’s so terrible. My heated jacket worked as expected to provide me comfortable warmth yesterday, but I found it keeps turning off today. Why does it happen and how to fix this issue?”

The rising of heated jackets starts to change the way of seeking warmth. Traditionally, we always depend on layered outfits to keep our bodies warm, but this way maybe adds extra bulky when we go outside. Now, a heated jacket provides a flexible solution to this traditional issue.

 Venustas heated jacket

A Venustas heated jacket built with an advanced heating system combines quick warmth and consistent comfort. People can layer a heated jacket with a shirt to withstand the cold weather. The functional performance of heated jackets receives great reviews from users. Meanwhile, some complain the jacket sometimes cannot work as expected, and one of the common issues is such jacket keeps turning off. So, our goal is to provide a comprehensive troubleshooting guide about this issue.

Common reasons for heated jackets keep turning off

Battery issues

Heated Jacket Battery

Heated jackets are battery-operated, so they need batteries to power the heating elements and then transform the electric energy into heat. So, if users find the heated jacket cannot work, there might be battery issues. For example, a low or drained battery or defective battery connection wire can cause heated jackets not working.

Heating elements issues

 Heating elements issue

Heated jackets use built-in heating elements to generate heat when connecting the battery and pressing the power button. Heating elements typically are made of carbon fiber featuring remarkable thermal conductivity, which are placed in the core area to provide targeted warmth. So, if there are some defects in the heating elements, users cannot turn on the heated jacket.

Other issues

 Heated Jacket button system

Except for the batteries or heating elements defects, other factors can also lead to this issue. One important factor is the control system. If the power button has no response after pressing, the jacket cannot be turned on. Another factor is the cable on the apparel. It’s the cable that plugs into the battery port to transfer the electric energy. If there’s something wrong with the cable, the heated jacket might not be opened up to generate heat.

How to troubleshoot a heated jacket keep turning off?

Many reasons that can cause a heated jacket to keep turning off. If you also encounter this issue, please don’t worry and just follow the troubleshooting tips to make a further diagnosis.

Check the battery.

Firstly, users should check whether the battery has enough power and whether the apparel cable is plugged into the battery port. If the battery remains low power, please fully charge the battery and reinsert it into the jacket.

Heated Jacket Battery

Secondly, if the jacket still cannot work with a fully charged battery, please use the battery to charge the mobile phone. And there is a battery issue if your phone cannot be charged.

Finally, please buy an extra specially designated battery or you can contact the customer service if the heated jacket is within the warranty.

Check the apparel.

If the battery work as expected, the next step is to check the apparel. Although the heating elements are sewn into the fabric, wearers can touch the inner layer to inspect whether there are disconnected heating elements. Also, wearers can press the power button to confirm the jacket is turned on.

Check the heated apparel

And the cable on the pocket is an important factor that can affect the overall performance of the jacket. So, users should check whether the cable is properly connected to the battery port or has any damage.

After checking the battery and apparel, users can identify the reasons behind the issue of Venustas heated jackets keep turning off and learn how to troubleshoot this issue. If the issue still cannot be solved, the best solution is to contact our customer service for professional help.


All in all, Venustas heated jacket provides a good way to stay warm without any bulky. It’s an ideal outwear for various outdoor activities, whether you’re camping, hiking, or fishing. Maybe you can encounter the issue of heated jackets not working, but please relax your mind and follow this guide to solve the issue easily and quickly.


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