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4 Tips For Playing Golf In Cold Weather

23 Sep 2021 0 Comments

When the fall weather is coming and the temperature drops, some proper preparation is essential for the outdoorsy people. What's more, those who get well-prepared for the cold days will have an increased possibility to be 1 up on the first tee, perhaps more. Therefore, as the golfers are going into a colder season and waiting to make their first shot, there are several things you should know about how to prepare and gain your advantages.

4 Tips For Playing Golf In Cold Weather

Prevent Your Hands And Head From Cold

Consider wearing a hat while playing golf since we all know that heat escapes from the head. For reference, a woolen ski hat is ideal for keeping your head warm during windy days, which is much different from a baseball cap. And it also keeps your ears warm when encountering unpredictable elements on the course.

In order to keep your hands warm, a pair of golf gloves designed especially for playing golf in a cold environment is helpful, and it can trap the heat more efficiently than the standard golf gloves.

During the freezing days, you may even want to bring heated gloves when on the golf course. By this, you will heat up your hands within seconds and get a nice boost between shots, even in the sub-zero winter weather conditions.


Proper Cold-weather Clothing

For better performance, you might need to feel warm and comfortable when playing golf. Get well-prepared with some proper garments will help you brave the winter temperature and maintain your game at an optimum level.

-Heated Vest

There's no such apparel better than a vest when playing golf because it's lightweight, close-fitting, and sleeveless. As the temperature goes down, a heated vest can be your best choice. This vest has a slim cut, 4+ carbon fiber heating panels, and a water-resistant shell. You can get the additional warmth within seconds while still keeping the flexibility you need by wearing it.

-Heated Jacket

For the freezing days, an insulated jacket may be more helpful. However, we need to keep our arms and shoulders flexible and easy to swing, which means we cannot wear too many layers that would restrict our movement. This winter, a heated jacket will help you out. Equipped with an industrial-leading heating system, this self heating jacket can deliver extra warmth to your cord body wherever you need it and prevent snow and light rain for you.

-Insulated Socks

Wearing more than one pair of socks or a thick pair of winter socks is a good way to stay away from cold toes.


Keep Your Golf Ball Warm

Don't forget to keep your golf ball warm! It's believed that golf balls don't travel as far in cold weather. Actually, you will lose about 3-5 yards for every 10-degree drop in temperature. Thus, put the ball in your pocket before you make a shot.


If Possible, Walk instead Of Ride

Choose to walk instead of ride, if possible. You will be surprised how much walking will heat your body. What's more, waking can help you relax so that you can keep looser and your swing won't suffer.

Don't let the cold trouble you this fall and winter. Remember to choose the right outfits to ensure you hit the ground running when the new season starts.


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