13 Tips For Deliveryman To Stay Warm And Safe

The colder days are around the corner, and for those coming holidays, it's time to make a list of gifts we'd like to send to people we care about.

When we look for the gifts delivered to our family and friends, the deliveryman will sacrifice their holidays and bear the cold air. As a deliveryman, you may find yourself handling heavy, fragile, and even sensitive packages for everyone on your route, which can contribute to a tough day. What's more, some parcel drivers like you may cover up to several hundred miles a day, which means they have to work from day to night.

Harsh weather can contribute to a worse day. Even with wearing thick coats or jackets, your days are going to be challenging. So, whether you are a deliveryman, postman, or delivery drive, this article will show you some tips about how to keep warm and safe while delivering packages.


Tips To Stay Warm

When it comes to keeping the body warm, one common solution is wearing more clothes. Proper apparel can make your working hours much comfier. In order to save your time, here are 3 easy ways to upgrade your outfits.

-Smart Layering

Of course, we need more layers when it's cold. However, being too bulky is not a wise choice since it will restrict your movement when you are removing or lifting the parcels. Under this circumstance, smart layering is essential.

A heated jacket is all you need in the harsh winter. This self heating, lightweight and wind-resistant jacket can heat up within seconds and spread heat from your core to your whole upper body. Every heated jacket works with a long-lasting rechargeable battery. By using this battery, the jacket can provide you with warmth for up to 8 hours.

13 Tips For Deliveryman To Stay Warm And Safe

If your body doesn't feel too cold, you can choose the heated vests for better flexibility of your shoulders. This slim-cut, fast-heating, and lightweight vest can meet all your needs to keep warm during most winter days.

13 Tips For Deliveryman To Stay Warm And Safe



13 Tips For Deliveryman To Stay Warm And Safe

When it comes to pants, jeans or corduroy pants are a good option for a winter trip. Jeans may not be practical in every situation, but they are easy to layer when in really cold weather. No matter what kinds of pants you bring, you can layer them by wearing a pair of long underwear or leggings.



13 Tips For Deliveryman To Stay Warm And Safe

Though a heated jacket is water-resistant, for the rainy days, a raincoat is much useful. A raincoat is worn to shield the body from a downpour. Plus, raincoats usually have bright colors, which can make you more conspicuous on rainy, dark days.


-Insulate Gloves

13 Tips For Deliveryman To Stay Warm And Safe

Deliveryman needs to lift and remove the packages when working, which make their hands exposed to the cold air for a long time. To keep your hands warm, a pair of heated gloves is your best choice. By using the gloves, you can heat your fingers in a short time and keep them warm all along your working time.


Tips To Keep Safe When On The Road

-Stay aware of surroundings

While driving from one stop to the next on a route, pay attention to the cars, persons, or trees.

-Light The Way

Especially for those who have to deliver packages at night, and they should park in safe, well-lit areas like under streetlamps. If you are approaching a house or building with dim lighting, you can use the headlights to light the path to the door.

-Lock Up

Always lock the car when delivering a package to the door. And don't forget the keys!

-Don't Carry Too Much Cash

It can be safer if the deliveryman carries a limited amount of cash. Some businesses even display signs on their delivery cars that say, "Drivers carry a limited amount of cash" to deter theft.

-Use Cameras

A camera on the vehicle's dashboard can help you get law enforcement to catch offenders when there's damage, theft or another incident.

-Know The Road

Understand the road conditions before you hit on the road. 

-Consider Casual Dress

Sometimes, the uniforms can make deliveryman stand out. Instead, choose casual daily clothes with a small company logo that allows the customer to know it's your business.

-Provide Training

Every company should provide training to their delivery drivers.


If possible, get yourself a partner. Your partner can give directions and can even give you some help when an emergency happens.


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