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07 Feb 2023 0 Comments

Is It Safe to Use a Heated Jacket during Pregnancy?

“Last year, I bought a heated jacket to set my beauty free in freezing. I love it very much for its stylish design and amazing heating performance. Now I’m pregnant but I don’t know whether a heated jacket harms me and the baby.” 

Pregnant Women

People found that it’s hard to go through in cold winter. That’s to say, cold would make us become lazy and decrease efficiency. Also, it’s the season with the high occurrence of diseases, especially for the old. To prevent cold and improve life, people are more likely to use heated gear, like heaters, heated blankets, or heated apparel.

Women's Heated Jacket

A heated jacket also is a great option in winter essentials. It generates warmth to cover the body area, like the back, chests, or shoulders, making it enjoy unprecedented popularity in the market. As its performance becomes known, women always want to know whether it can be used in pregnancy. That’s the basic why we write this passage.

How do heated jackets work?

How do heated jacket work?

Heated jackets depend on heating technology to provide warmth. It mainly includes heating elements and power sources to build heating. In a word, a battery plugs into the cable and gives the heating elements power to produce heat at the press of a button. Also, most heated jackets only use specially designated batteries to work.

Is it safe to use a heated jacket during pregnancy?

A heated jacket would be an ideal outfit for outdoor men owing to its excellent performance and guaranteed security. Normally, manufacturers put security on first place to give users the best wearing experience and improve product competitiveness. Besides that, experts said that heated jackets are safe to use. But we do not recommend that pregnant women wear it because it maybe has some potential risks.

Is it safe to use a heated jacket during pregnancy?


As described, most heated jackets are designed with adjustable heating settings to provide different levels of comfort. Yeah, it’s a considerate design to withstand different types of cold weather. However, it is not a benefit for pregnant women.


As we all know, pregnant women are more sensitive to the external environment than normal people. If you wear a heated jacket while pregnancy, we worry that the sudden change of temperature would affect embryo growth. Also, experts suggested that pregnant women need to keep their body temperature not exceeding 38°C because the high temperature would harm the baby. Although some heated jackets provide 30°C temperature at low level, the heat may build up to cause overheating.


A heated jacket powered by a battery can generate radiation to the human body, but this radiation benefits most people, like promoting blood circulation. But it does not apply to the pregnant moms.


Pregnant women should avoid any radiation because the radiation would interfere with the immune system. It may not only affect the physical and mental health of moms, but also generate risk to prenatal development. Because of the electricity, a heated jacket maybe can generate a magnetic field. Although experts said the effect of the magnetic field could be negligible, it still has some potential risks to pregnant moms, like headache, dizziness, or nausea.

Heated Blanket

Excepted for the above explanation, we also conclude the expert research. Yeah, we know heated jackets are similar to heated blankets. In previous studies, experts found that using a heated blanket while you are pregnant would increase the risk of pregnancy loss and threaten the growth of fetal if used for a long time.


So, starting with the healthy, we don’t recommend that women wear a heated jacket during pregnancy. And do not use it with infants, children, or helpless people in case of accidents. If you suffer from some diseases but want to wear heated apparel, we suggest that you should ask the help to your doctors.


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