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06 Aug 2021 0 Comments

How Venustas Helps You Bond with Your Cat

What a wonderful thing to own a cat! Kitty is the cutest and sweeties creature in the world. However, it is well known that cats are more aloof and independent than dogs, which makes it a tricky task for you to get close and bond with them. It takes time and effort to make your furry friend trust you and become intimate with you. We all know how hard it is, but still, it's well worth it.

Perhaps you've noticed that your cat is easily attracted to warmth, including sunlight, a wood stove, or your natural body heat. So when we talk about bonding with the cats, one trick is to create a warm and cozy environment.

This article will show you how Venustas heated outerwear helps warm up your body and bond with your cat. What's more, we also make a list of kitty's favorite Venustas' items! If you want to know the tips, just read on!


TOP 1: Venustas Blanket Hoodie

Best Blanket Hoodie

This is not self-heating apparel yet a preferable pick for the cats' parents. Cats' parents usually love to curl up with their furry, warm cat. It's not just our preference to cuddle with them, though. Cats often seek soft and warm places to curling up, which the ultra-soft blanket hoodie can offer. When the owners wear it and lie on the couch, the cats are more likely to get closer to them for a comfortable feeling.


TOP 2: Venustas Electric Heated Jacket Fleece

Best Blanket Hoodie

Suppose you are the one who is sensitive to the cold. A piece of the self heating jacket can be your best choice. Equipped excellent Venustas heating system, this electric jacket can provide you superior comfort and warmth with breathable fleece fabric and a tailored design. Put on this jacket, and you will feel toasty within minutes. Then cuddle your kitty, you and your cat can enjoy the exceptional warmth for up to 8 hours thanks to the long-lasting battery.


TOP 3: Venustas Battery Heated Vest Fleece

Best Blanket Hoodie

In order to get more warmth, you can choose the fleece battery heated vest to be your extra layer. Crafted with an ultra-soft fleece fabric, which can trap the heat and protect you from the cold, this machine-washable heated vest delivers warmth and maximizing breathability. When wearing this vest, you are able to adjust the temperature levels according to you and your cat's preference so that both of you can enjoy the comfortable warmth at the same time.


TOP 4: Venustas Heated Blanket Hoodie

How Venustas Helps You Bond with Your Cat

Not just being a blanket, this heated blanket hoodie is equipped with heating elements.Thanks to the ultra-soft and warm fabrics they are made of, the wearable blankets provide incredible comfort and warmth. It is the best companion for you and your little kitty to spend the lazy afternoons or chilly nights, which can release the stress and keep you warm. Crafted with Sherpa fabric, the hoodie blanket will provide you an extremely cozy feeling.


There are so many ways to build a lasting bond with your cat while creating a warm area for them is one of the easiest ways. No matter what methods you take, the most important thing you should know is being patient and kind.


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Read Venustas heated jacket manual:  

Heated apparel 5V

Heated apparel 7.4V

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