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Lazy & Cozy: Best Blanket Hoodie

10 Aug 2021 0 Comments

Imagine a scenario: you are lying on the couch with a blanket and enjoying your favorite TV series on a winter night.

Everything is great until you have to go to the toilet. And your perfect day is going to be interrupted by the sudden cold. To solve this problem, you can have a try on Venustas blanket hoodie.

By wearing a wearable blanket, you are able to enjoy the ultimate softness and warmth while spending a whole day at home. What's more, there is no need to take the blanket off since it's wearable and can be dressed as a hoodie.

This article will show you the Venustas best hoodie blanket, hoping you can find the best item to go through the winter months.


TOP 1: Venustas Giant Hoodie Blanket

Best Blanket Hoodie

After a whole day of work, nothing could be better than curling up under a super soft blanket. Most of us feel so difficult to leave the warm couch and blanket since they make us feel so relaxing. So why not carry the cozy feeling with you anytime and anywhere? The Venustas giant hoodie blanket is oversize, fuzzy, and has a Polyester shell and an ultra-soft Sherpa lining, making you surrounded by extreme softness and warmth. Unlike the blanket, you can move your body around freely when wearing the hoodie blanket without concerning it will slip off your shoulders.

You can easily tuck your legs up into the oversize blanket hoodie without feeling tight. Your legs, stomach, neck, back, arms and head are all wrapped at the same time, same softness, warmth, comfort all at once!

By draping this wearable blanket over your body, you will not be restricted by the couch and can move to the toilet or the kitchen without being interrupted by the cold air. And now, it's on sale for just $44.99 on


TOP 2: Venustas Heated Blanket Hoodie

Best Blanket Hoodie

We all know how cold it's when the temperature is below 32℉, which makes you shaking all the time, even when you are home. During the freezing winter, a piece of the thin blanket is not going to help. So you have to wear a thick jacket to keep warm while staying in the living room for the TV show. However, thanks to your solid, thick, heavy jacket, your relaxing night is going to be ruined by the uncomfortableness. And to solve this problem, the Venustas heated hoodie blanket is highly recommended.

With heating panels inside, this wearable blanket can keep you comfortable and toasty when you are lying on the sofa and prevent you from the cold when you are moving around the house.

This self-heating giant hoodie blanket has a big enough hood to engulf your body in total warmth and comfort. It's lined with the super soft material as the classic Venustas oversize hoodie blanket, but the main difference is that it is equipped with Venustas heating system. With the long-lasting battery, wearing this heated blanket hoodie in your leisure time can help you to keep warm for up to 8 hours.



While blankets can help to prevent the cold, they are not as versatile as blanket hoodie. This kind of winter apparel can keep you warm and cozy wherever you go and whatever you are doing.

As the autumn approaches and the temperature starts to drop, it is time for you to get well-prepared with Venustas giant hoodie blanket. Indulge yourself in the exceptional warmth and softness, and have a good time.


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Read Venustas heated jacket manual:  

Heated apparel 5V

Heated apparel 7.4V


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