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How Venustas Helps Night Shift Workers

13 Jul 2021

We received a thank you letter from our customer recently. The writer is a night shift nurse who has been fighting COVID-19 since the pandemic raged in the United States. She wrote to thank us for the nice heated outerwear we made and tell us how helpful her heated work jacket is. We are so honored to hear that, and we love to learn about how Venustas benefits the night shift medical staff.

How Venustas Helps Night Shift Workers


About Venustas heated outerwear

Venustas has been in the heated apparel business for years and devoted to providing our consumers with premium-quality products. As for our classic items, heated work jacket and rechargeable heated vest, each of them equip long-lasting batteries, carbon fiber heating zones, and an industry-leading heating system. All these things work together, making our clothing provide extra warmth and comfort without being bulky and heavy. What’s more, most of our items are water and wind-resistant so that they can protect the wearer from the unpredictable elements on tough days.

How Venustas Helps Night Shift Workers

Furthermore, Venustas has upgraded the products and released the 2021 upgraded heated jacket and rechargeable heated vest. In this series, we adopt SILVER Mylar as the thermal lining, which is more lightweight, efficient, and has the better ability to trap heat.

How Venustas Helps Night Shift Workers


The best helper for night shift nurses to stay warm and efficient

As for night shift nurses, they need to stay focus and keep a fast pace when working. In the meantime, they have to deal with the cold night and fatigue due to the extremely hard-working environment. Our consumer told us that she bought our heated work jacket to prevent the cold and found out that it works really well. By wearing it, she can keep warm in the chilly midnight and feel much better both psychologically and physically because of the comfort the jacket provides.

Fighting against the pandemic is not only a matter of physical strength but also mental exhaustion. Venustas heated jacket for women is lightweight, warm, practical and can provide warmth for up to 8 hours. Our customers can wear this item when patrolling and easily put it off when a dangerous situation happens. After handling the emergency, she can put on this apparel, enjoy the instant warmth, and then take a break.

How Venustas Helps Night Shift Workers


How Venustas heated outerwear becomes the night shift workers’ best choice

Human are designed to sleep at night and be awake during the day. So for the night shift workers, staying up all night will definitely knock them out of their circadian rhythm, which will make them more sensitive to the cold temperature. Besides, the temperature at night usually gets really cold, even when it’s summer. To solve this problem and make the night easier, more and more night shift workers start to find something that can keep them toasty and comfortable and night.

And they found Venustas heated clothing. They can maintain their body temperature by wearing a rechargeable heated vest or jacket even when working outdoors. Moreover, when the job is done, they can take a nap more comfortably without being worried about catching a cold.

How Venustas Helps Night Shift Workers

For years, more and more people have become Venustas’ fans. They have different professions, including construction workers, fishers, police officers, etc. We are grateful for this. Everyone, keep warm.


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