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10 Winter Photography Tips You Should Know

12 Jul 2021 0 Comments

Winter is a great season for photography. The weather is unpredictable and gives us fog, frost, snowstorms, blizzards, and pale and dramatic sunlight.

Still, winter photography can be hard to master. Some dangerous situations do happen if you are not well-prepared. Here are the best cold-weather photo tips to help you get outside and take fantastic pictures this winter.

10 Winter Photography Tips You Should Know

1.Keep your body warm

The secret to taking an excellent photo is keeping you in good condition. The comfier you are, the more creative you will be, and the more fun you will have. While shooting outdoors in cold winter, wearing proper apparel to stay warm and comfortable is important, especially when exploring some foggy, snowy, and windy places. Under this circumstance, you should bundle up with layers, including certain items.

For instance, wearing Polyester-fiber shirts instead of cotton ones can make sure your body dry and warm. And as for outerwear, a heated winter jacket can be your best option. This heated outerwear can provide long-lasting warmth for up to 8 hours, ensure you stay warm and toasty during your shooting time. Moreover, a heated winter jacket is wind and water-resistant so that you can stay dry and comfortable even when it's snowing out there.

If you are going somewhere super cold, why not wearing a rechargeable heated vest for extra warmth. With this lightweight, versatile and practical vest, you can enjoy your journey without suffering the biting cold.

10 Winter Photography Tips You Should Know

2. Keep the batteries warm

It's well known that batteries seem to run out of power faster when temperatures are colder. In order to extend the working time of your batteries, the essential thing we should do is keep the batteries warm. Besides, taking at least a couple of extra batteries that are fully charged with you is another thing you should do before heading to the world of ice and snow.

Note: You can put the extra batteries in a pocket that will be close to your body. By doing this, your body heat can keep them in a warm condition.


3. Protect your equipment

Even if the light is ideal as well as the surroundings just right, you will not have the ability to take photos if your equipment isn't in the best condition. Cold and damp weather impact cameras and also lenses. Even the batteries can contribute to issues. So please check all your gear before you go, and always take care of your batteries, lenses, cameras, and others.

Pay attention to the sudden temperature changes when you get in and out of the car because they will be harmful to your equipment. And always remove the memory card from your camera before placing it into the bag. That way, you can download and edit the photos without taking out your camera.

10 Winter Photography Tips You Should Know

4. Prevent your tripod from cold

Most of the tripod is made of aluminum, which can become an ice stick in a cold environment. And when you try to carry it or adjust it, some of the colds will transfer to your hands. One solution to this is to wrap the upper part of each tripod leg with foam pipe insulation. And your hands will thank you.


5. Avoid lens fog

When it comes to winter photo shooting, one big problem is that condensation will quickly build upon the lens, which makes it harder to keep the lens clean. To keep your lens clean and ready for a shoot, you can keep the camera in your bag.


6. Use two camera bodies

Switching lenses can be a real challenging task in a chilly, freezing environment. Dealing with gear in the cold is tough enough. However, when you transform lenses, you likewise run the risk of exposing your sensor to moisture. Thus, if you have a backup body, think about going out with 2 cams so you can contend various focal lengths without having to change lenses.


7. Wear good gloves

It's impossible to take pictures without gloves in such a freezing cold environment. However, using regular gloves that are thick and hard, you will be unable to use press some buttons. You can buy a pair of good gloves, which allow you to control your fingers more efficiently while still keeping your hands warm and comfortable.

10 Winter Photography Tips You Should Know

8. Protection for skin and eyes

Prolonged exposure to the sun and cold air can be harmful to your skin and eyes. To protect your eyes, you can wear a pair of sunglasses that can block 100 percent of the sun's UV rays. And don't forget to wear a mask or scarf that can prevent your face from dehydration and sunburn. In the meantime, wearing a heated winter jacket with a hood or a rechargeable heated vest can offer extra warmth protection for your skin.

10 Winter Photography Tips You Should Know

9. Hydrated, hydrated, hydrated

Stay hydrated is essential when you are outdoors, especially in the chilly fields. You need proper fluid levels to help heat up the cold air that entered your body so that it won't lower your core temperature.


10. Seize every opportunity

Winter is the best season for photo shooting. You can catch the most beautiful scenery at this time. The golden hour is the perfect time in photography as it comes with warm colors and dramatic skies. But during winter, the scenery is more beautiful than usual. If you're lucky enough to seize the opportunity, you'll catch the moment right after a snowstorm, when the view is even more spectacular.

Every gorgeous photo indicates the efforts of the photographer. We admire your patience and love for your work and hope this article can help you take care and stay safe. As winter is coming, put on your rechargeable heated vest and heated outerwear for ultimate warmth protection, then you are ready to go.

10 Winter Photography Tips You Should Know

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