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How to Wear a Winter Vest: Keep Warm and Style

11 Sep 2023

“I have a wardrobe full of different types of winter vests. They are the perfect outfit to keep the body tasty and nice. And I’m looking for ways to wear these vests with different style.”

When temperature drops, it’s a custom to layering clothes for maintaining the body temperature and protecting against the cold. Typically, we would choose winter jackets, but someone think it sometimes make them feel too warm and bulky. If you have same concerns, maybe you can pick a winter vest.

Winter Vest

Winter vests is one kind of sleeveless outwear worn in cold weather to provide extra warmth and comfort, which has already become a popular and stylish choice among many people. But someone said that it’s not easy to match with other clothes. In this article, we will share some tips to help you know how to wear winter vests.

How to choose winter vests?

  • Before you choose the vest, it’s essential to consider where you will wear it. If you plan to wear it for daily use, like walking through the park, a lightweight fleece jacket is a great choice. If you plan to wear it for winter outdoor adventurer, a puffer jacket that can be easily layered with many clothes can meet your needs.

Clothing material

  • When you are searching for a winter vest, the material is the primary consideration. There are different kinds of materials with different features. For example, cotton features breathable ability and soft texture, polyester offers excellent water-resistant ability, and down provides unprecedented warmth.  
  • Size and fit. It’s important to find a winter vest that fits your body type. If you have a pear-shaped body, a vest with a belted waist is a perfect type for you. Also, it’s a must to make sure the vest not slightly to fit your body because it may cause discomfort and cannot be layered with many clothes.


  • Choose one color based on your preference. Some people would consider the clothes color should match with their skin tone. If you have a cool skin tone, it’s recommend that you can choose some brighten color, like red or orange.
  • The features and design of clothes are what we always focus on. When you look for a vest, you should consider some detailed designs, like pockets, hoods, zippers, and so on.

How to wear winter vests?

To maintain a nice outlook, there are some rules to layer clothes. In the following, we will share some tips to help you know how to wear winter vests properly and stylishly.


Color. Typically, layering from lightest to darkest is a great idea in fashion, which can create a visually appealing and balanced outfit. For example, if you wear a black vest, it’s advisable to match it with a white T-shirt. Make sure the color of clothes you choose can be complement each other.

clothes pattern

Pattern. Patterned clothes provide visual interest on the outfit. When you layer clothing, it’s essential to consider the balance on the pattern. If the baser layer is designed with colorful pattern, consider choosing a winter vest with simple design. Also, don’t layer clothes with too many patterns. But if the base layer and winter layer are all designed with colorful patterns, you can try to wear a solid-colored pants or dresses to balance the overall outfit.

Winter Vest

Thickness. Normally, the thinner layer should go first and then layer thicker layer. Winter vests can be worn as middle layer or outer layer, depending on the weather condition. If the weather is extremely cold, you can choose a thick one to layer with winter jackets.

Venustas heated vest options

Winter vests is a stylish option to keep the body warm and nice. But in cold places, these traditional vests cannot challenge the harsh environment. There’s where heated vests come in. It’s one kind of fantastic clothing that combines traditional insulation and heating system. So, a heated vest can trap the heat effectively and generate heat across the body.

Venustas is the pioneer in selling functional and fashionable heated jackets and heated vests. Venustas heated apparel provides people more power to challenge the cold weather and gives them more opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities comfortably. Here we will share two popular heated vests for you:

Venustas Classic Mens Heated Vest 7.4V

 Men's Classic Heated Vest 7.4V

With a 7.4V lithium battery, this heated vest can work up to 8-9 hours at low setting. This feature ensures long-lasting warmth and extends outdoor time. And the battery is designed with 2 output port to charge the apparel and battery at the same time, which is very convenient for outdoor life. Also, its 5 carbon fiber heating elements, 3 heating setting, and water-resistant shell make it perfect for winter adventure. And the color is classic black, so wearers can layer it with a white T-shirt.

Venustas Womens Heated Fleece Vest 7.4V

Women's Heated Fleece Vest 7.4V

This heated vest for women is made from ultra-soft fleece, making it suitable for daily use. Because of the slim-fit design, some women think that it’s perfect choice to highlight the body. The best part of this vest is equipped with 6 carbon heating elements paced on the core areas to guarantee the warmth. And wearers can press the power button to adjust the heating level to enjoy the perfect level of warmth.


All in all, a winter vest is a stylish option on cold days. When you choose a vest, consider the purpose, material, design, size, and so on. And it’s easy to follow dressing rules to layer your vest. Finally, if you think a traditional vest cannot meet your needs, shift your focus on the heated vest. It could be a perfect companion in winter.


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Read Venustas heated jacket manual:

Heated apparel 5V

Heated apparel 7.4V

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