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How to Enjoy Hiking in the Desert

25 Jul 2022 0 Comments

“Hiking in the desert is so cool! The only concern is that I’m afraid that I cannot adapt to the desert environment. Could you share me with some great ideas about desert travel?”.

Enjoy Hiking in the Desert

Desert with vast boundless land and surprising landscapes is a mysterious place, attracting a great many adventurers to explore its beauty and surprise. Most people believe that a desert trip is an experience of lifetime. As we all know, desert travel is different from other kinds of travel given to its environment like complex terrain and unpredictable weather. That requires you should make a considerable desert hike plan. In the blog, we will cover some essential tips to make your desert trip different.

Learn more about the environment

Desert is a special place. It is easy to suffer difficulties like getting lost in the long stretch of yellow sand. So, no matter what desert you plan to visit, it is primary to research the environment.

Hiking in the desert

Weather. Desert always features high daytime temperatures, low air humidity and raging sandstorms. But there are some cold deserts such as the Gobi Desert. That means you must check the weather forecast and prepare for some extremes before you go.

Wild animals. Desert animals have strong adaptability and vitality to survive in the desert. Some of them are extremely dangerous and fierce, such as rattlesnakes, wolfs and lions. As you are in the desert, you should keep your eyes on the surroundings and keep away from these hazardous animals.

Security. Normally, a desert with high security would enjoy great popularity among many people. Once planning to visit desert, you should go through professional travel blogs or reviews to pick a safer desert.

Stay hydrated

Desert is an extraordinary dry place, which highlights the importance of water. Without enough water, it is difficult to survive in the desert. So, maintaining your hydration is a must.

Stay hydrated

Undoubtedly, the opportunity of finding water sources in the desert is rare, which requires you must bring enough water. In fact, the water consumption depends on the weather and hiking miles. As a general rule of thumb, 3 or 4 liters of water for one person is enough. Or you can take more water if the weather is extremely hot. In addition, it is a good idea to bring a water filter in case the clear water runs up.

Focus on sun protection

Desert is a hot place with poor vegetation and less precipitation. Hiking in the desert, it would be better to avoid the hottest part of the day and do a sunscreen job.

Focus on sun protection

The ultraviolet irradiation is intense in desert all year, which is easy to carry harmful effects on human body. To prevent sunburn, it is significant to take advantage of sun protection including sun hats, sunglasses, sunscreen and sun-protective clothing to protect your body from head to feet. Your exposed areas like the face should be covered up with high SPF sun cream to provide  adequate protection for your skin. In addition, looking for a natural shade is a great idea to try to avoid direct sunlight if you want to rest.

Prepare clothing in layers

Desert features variable weather, especially the large temperature difference between day and night. So, packing clothing in layers is essential to make your desert trip more comfortable.

Prepare clothing in layers

In the daytime, the desert sun generates harsh heat to make you feel like in a stove. Most hikers suggest that it is an ideal way to wear light-colored clothes with excellent breathability. At night, the temperature would suddenly drop because of the small specific heat of the sand, which means you should bring some thick clothes. If you travel to desert in the wintertime, a heated jacket would be your best companion on a cold night.

Pick a comfortable accommodation

Desert is a remote place where people live and go. Many people are concerned about the accommodation issue when hiking in the desert. To help, they should make a careful plan to fix the issue of where to live ahead of time.

Desert Night

For those who like to explore and appreciate nature, camping in the desert may be their priority. Camping in the desert is a special experience, allowing you to enjoy the amazing beauty of the desert in the evening. But we suggest you should camp together with others because it is not safe to live in the wild alone. For those who are unaccustomed to living in an untrodden place, booking a comfortable hotel with high ratings in advance is a better option.

In a word, hiking in the desert needs careful preparation. Just like the old saying goes, the key to the success is enough preparation. Now, please take the above ideas to enjoy your desert hiking!


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