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How to Choose the Right Size for Heated Jackets?[2023 Comprehensive Guide]

04 Apr 2023 0 Comments

“I finally decide to buy a Venustas heated down jacket, but what stops my purchase is the size choice. Is it the XS or the S? Do you know what the size of heated jacket should I get?

Online shopping increasingly stimulates economic development owing to convenience. Although it brings a lot of benefits, the exchange and return rates stay high for manufacturers. And one of the most common reasons is the unfitted size.

Online Shopping

It’s not easy to choose a perfect size in online shopping because consumers only make a decision based on product images and descriptions. And it’s annoying to receive something unexpected and spend time exchanging or returning it.

Yeah, those who are ready to buy a heated jacket also have the same concern. Well, don’t worry. We particularly write this comprehensive size guide to help you make the right choice.

Common mistake to avoid When Choosing the Size

It’s annoying to choose an unfitted size when your expected item arrives. And most people always lack enough consideration about two key aspects when choosing size.

Not consider the size chart

Heated Jacket Size Chart

Most consumers are more likely to ignore the size chart because they concentrate more on the product pictures. And most of them always simply click to buy the products out of impulse. Also, some people prefer to buy the size they are used to wearing without going through the size chart. But every brand has its own chart because of different specifications and different clothing styles. Not all the size charts are the same.

No consider the fabric

Heated Jacket Fabric

It seems that a nice product outlook is easy to stimulate buying desire. And people always take less consideration into the clothing material. They mostly only consider whether the clothes are pilling. But the fabric also could affect whether the heated jacket fits the users because of various stretches. And some materials are prone to shrink during washing, which makes the clothes unfit for the wearer as they used to be.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Size

Body measurement

Body Measurement

Indeed, most people don’t have a clear understanding of their body measurements and they always select clothes in the size they usually wear. But sometimes it’s easy to make a wrong choice because of different brands’ size specifications and the subtle change in our body weight. So, taking accurate body measurement is a critical step. And it’s easy to measure your body with a tape. If you would like to buy a heated jacket, you need to measure the chest, waist, hip, and sleeve. (*Please measure at the narrowest part for the waist and measure at the widest part for the hip).

Model Figure

Model Figure

Now let’s move to the size chart and model figure after fishing the body measurement. Brands has their own size specifications varying in size chart. So, it’s essential to look at the size chart specific to the heated jacket you intend to purchase. Also, most brands use model pictures to show their products, which allows you can look at the picture and compare your body type with that of the model to choose the perfect fit.

Fit Preference

Heated Jacket Style

Style is also a crucial factor to consider while shopping for clothes. And different people have different tastes, which affects the size choice. For example, those who like casual style would always buy loose-fit heated jackets while others who prefer formal style tend to consider slim-fit heated jackets. Make sure the jacket you bought is perfect for your style to make you feel more comfortable and confident.

Layer choice

layer choice

In winter, we usually wear many layers of clothing to beat the cold. Normally, a breathable shirt is as a basic layer, a warm sweater as a middle layer and a waterproof jacket as an outer layer. If you  live in an extremely cold place all around the year, we suggest that the size of the heated jacket is somewhat larger than what you typically wear

Customer review

Customer Review

It’s helpful to go through customer reviews when you are wondering which size is more suitable for you. Sometimes the size of some heated jackets may be smaller or larger than the size chart. So, it’s wise to look at someone who has a similar body type to yours and believe they can give you some reference about the size.


Now, are you ready to buy a fitted heated jacket with the advisable tips? A well-fitted heated jacket can maintain a good outlook and keep the body warm, which sets the beauty in a harsh environment.


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