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How to Choose Heated Jacket? [Ultimate Guide]

03 Aug 2022 0 Comments

“It is tough to pick a heated jacket for the oncoming freezing winter. All the heated jackets on the market look the same and I still have no ideas to choose the best one.”

Heated Jacket

In the past, we often wear more clothes to stay warm in the bitterly cold winter. But now a heated jacket makes it different. A heated jacket is a winter clothing that can generate heat to against the cold, which is regarded as “the miracle of the winter”. With the increasing popularity of heated apparel, more and more manufacturers engage in the heated gear industry to follow the trend. That means it offers people more options. But it may pose a problem that how to choose an ideal heated jacket. To help, this blog as an ultimate guide leads you to choose the right one.

Benefits of heated jacket

Benefits of heated jacket

  • Provide extraordinary warmth.

It is the primary benefit of a heated jacket. Compared with ordinary jackets, heated jackets can generate heat through the heated elements to keep you in an extremely warm environment.

  • Enjoy more outdoor life. 

Commonly, people rarely go out in winter because they found that it restricts their motion with bulky clothes. With a heated jacket, there is no need to worry about this issue. A lightweight heated jacket allows you to embrace the fresh air and enjoy  outdoor activities in winter.

  • Act as protection.

      Our joints are more liable to injury in winter without keeping warm performance. A heated jacket can greatly promote the blood flowing to the muscle to prevent stiffness of joints and improve the symptom of cold hands.

      How to choose heated jacket?

      Buying items is always a hard process and so is a heated jacket because there are a lot of factors needed to be considered. Below we list some important factors to help you make the right choice.

      • Heating system.

      Heating element

      There is no doubt that whether the heated jacket work or not relies on the heating system. It may annoy you if you find the heated jacket cannot generate heat. That means an excellent heating system is your priority. Normally, the fiber heating elements and graphene heating elements featuring remarkable electrical and thermal conductivity are highly recommended on the market.

      • Battery. 

      The battery is the source of life for a heated jacket. Its importance is the same as the heating system. Without the battery, the heated jacket also cannot work. On the market, the heated jacket with lithium battery enjoys more popularity than others because it can operate more lasting. Moreover, we suggest that heavy nickel batteries should be avoided.

      • Clothing material. 
      Clothing Material


      People always attach great importance to the material when shopping for clothes. So does a heated jacket. Starting with the layer, comfortable and cozy material like fleece is a perfect pick. As for the outer, polyester material is usually used because of its excellent waterproof and windproof ability, which enables you to get rid of the annoyance of getting wet on rainy or snowy days.

      • Style. 

      Although most people think the outlook of the heated jacket is simple, there are some ingenious designs. Some are designed with multiple pockets. Some are designed with a detachable hood. Or some is slim-fit design to follow the stylish trend. No matter what styles you like, believe you can find the suitable one.

      • Price.

      It is easy to find the price of the heated jacket is a bit expensive given its advanced heating technology. But it is almost good value for the money. In fact, the price of most heated jackets ranges from $100 to $200. You can combine your budget with other factors to select the optimal one.

      • Function. 

      Hiking with Venustas heated jacket

      When it comes to the heated jacket, the function coming into mind is staying warm. If you only select clothing to against the cold, all the heated jackets can satisfy your need. If you plan to hike and climb in the freezing winter, a heated jacket with a detachable hood to protect your head and ears may be your better option.

      • Warranty. 
       A warranty is a guarantee of the quality of the product. You know, most people always focus on the warranty policy in case the product they bought is out of work. So, when selecting a heated jacket, one of the most important steps is to check its warranty policy. Usually, the longer the warranty period, the better guarantee you have.

          Best heated jacket from Venustas

          Mens heated jacket 7.4V

          Men's Heated Jacket 7.4V


          Heating system


          Clothing material 





          Carbon fiber heating elements


          Shell: Polyester

          Lining: New SILVER mylar thermal 



          Best for overall

          1 year on battery

          2 years on heated elements


          Women s 3-in-1 heated jacket 7.4V

          Women's 3-in-1 Heated Jacket 7.4V

          Heating system


          Clothing material 






          heating elements


          Shell: Nylon

          Lining: Polyester



          Best for outdoor activities

          1 year on battery

          2 years on heated elements



          Choosing a heated jacket is not an easy thing. But with this ultimate guide, we believe that you can find the best one to meet your needs. Now, let’s pick a heated jacket for this winter!


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          Read Venustas heated jacket manual:

          Heated apparel 5V

          Heated apparel 7.4V

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