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21 Apr 2023 0 Comments

How to Charge Venustas Heated Jacket: The Fact You Need to Know

“Wow, it’s surprising to receive a Venustas 7.4V heated jacket from my husband! I love it instantly when I opened the box. And quite honestly, it’s easy to use.”

Are you someone who loves outdoor life but hates the cold? Layering with many clothes leads to bulky restricting our movement and enjoyment though it’s a good way to keep warm. That’s why a heated jacket comes in to get you out of the problem.

Winter Jacket

It’s one style of outerwear built with an advanced heated system to keep users toasty and nice in harsh weather. Users said that the warmth of heated jackets is more lightweight, comfortable, and long-lasting than the traditional jackets they used to wear. Maybe some people worry that it would be tricky and confusing to charge a heated jacket. Well, it’s really easy to use. And we’re going to lead you to access the user manual here.

How do Venustas heated jackets work?

As the name suggests, heated jackets can produce heat. Using heating elements woven into the fabric layer is an innovative way to provide warmth rather than only depending on the insulation layer. Now, let’s see how heated jackets produce warmth in our bodies.  

Electrical conduction mechanism

Heated System

Typically, heated jackets are built with an electrical conduction mechanism to generate heat. It’s a system of wires or heating elements made of conductive material. When a battery connects to the apparel and users press the power button, the electrical current passing through these heating elements is transferred into the heat. Finally, wearers can notice a sense of warmth across the core body areas in seconds.


Heated Jacket Battery

Heated jackets use rechargeable batteries to provide the power source for the heating system. Rechargeable batteries are portable, efficient, and safe. Users can easily carry the power bank and store it in their pockets. And they can insert the cable into the battery once they feel cold, even you stay outside. Also, compared with disposable batteries, heated jacket batteries can be charged over and over again, which is more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Insulation layer

Heated Jacket Insulation Layer

Traditional jackets use an insulation layer to prevent heat loss and keep the body warm. That’s also what we can find in heated jackets. To maximize the warmth, the inner layer of heated jackets is crafted with effective thermal material, like soft cotton or lightweight down. Even if the battery has no power, the insulation layer still can guarantee comfortable warmth to users.

How to charge Venustas heated jackets?

Maybe users think the heating system is complex, but it’s quite simple to charge heated jackets.

How to charge Venustas heated jacket

When you receive the parcel and open the box, you will see the heated jacket of choice, battery back, battery charger, waterproof bag, and user manual. OK, everything is well, and we move to the using step. Please flat a heated jacket on the sofa or bed, plug the battery into the stored pocket, and then press the power button to see whether there’s a flashing light. If there’s is OK, the power button would flash red light indicating it’s in pre-heat. And after 5 minutes, the jacket will automatically adjust to medium level. Finally, put your hands on the inner layer and then the warmth could cover you.

7.4V heated jacket battery vs 5V heated jacket battery

Venustas has 3 types of battery: 5V(10,000mAh), 7.4V(5,000mAh), 7.4V(4,800mAh). 5V and 7.4V batteries respectively use to be compatible with heated jackets with different number of heating elements. Normally, 5V battery support 4 heating elements while 7.4V is used with 6 heating elements. Also, a 7.4V battery is designed with a DC port to charge a heated jacket and a USB port to charge other devices. That’s one of the differences compared with a 5V battery with 2 USB ports.  


In a conclusion, it’s easy to charge Venustas heated jacket just by following the above tips or the user manual. Now turn off your jacket and enjoy the simple warmth!

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