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Heated Gloves vs Heated Mittens, Which One is Better?

11 Aug 2023 0 Comments

“My hands always feel cold and affect my overall performance during skiing. So, I plan to buy a pair of heated gloves or heated mittens. Which one is better?”

Keeping ourselves warm is primary during chilly weather. When the temperature drops, we always find ways to seek warmth and comfort, like layering clothes or carrying a hand warmer to trap the heat.

Winter Gloves

Typically, our hands are more likely to get cold than other parts of our body. Cold hands always cause discomfort when we perform tasks or play outdoor sports. Traditional gloves may provide some insulation, but they cannot ensure adequate warmth in frigid months. When it comes to this issue, heated gloves and heated mittens provide a great solution. So, this blog will tell you the feature of both options to help you make an informed choice.

Heated Gloves 

Heated Gloves

Heated gloves are one type of fantastic handwear with built-in heating technology. Like regular gloves, heated gloves are designed with individual fingers to provide optimal dexterity. And the heating elements cover 10 fingers and the back of the hands. These heating elements are powered by a specially designated battery to transform the electric energy into heat.


Excellent dexterity. With individual fingers, heated gloves ensure better dexterity and flexibility. It’s easy to move each finger, even if in a harsh environment. This feature makes it become an ideal choice for outdoor activities, whether you’re hiking, snowboarding, skiing, or golfing.

Adjustable warmth. Compared with traditional gloves, heated gloves are built with the heated system to provide more warmth. This type of gloves usually are designed with the press button to turn it on/off. Also, they are crafted with adjustable heating setting to provide targeted warmth for different types of cold.


Insufficient warmth in extreme cold. Although heated gloves can keep hands toasty, the design of individual fingers cannot provide sufficient warmth in the gaps between two fingers. This may cause a little discomfort in extremely cold weather.  

Heated Mittens

Heated Mittens

Heated mittens are one type of winter gloves that are designed with unique grouped-finger construction. There is the shared space for four fingers and one separate space for the thumb. With the incorporated heating technology, heated mittens also can generate heat for the whole hand.


Better overall warmth. With the heating technology and premium insulation, heated mittens not only can generate comfortable warmth, but also traps heat effectively. Also, mittens enable fingers to share warmth, which can be particularly useful in serving cold conditions.

Easy to wear. Because of the grouped finger design, it’s easy to take on or take off mittens. This would be very convenient in extremely cold conditions.


Limited mobility. The common type of heated mittens is a two-finger design. 4 finger share one space and the thumb has one section. Although the design of mittens can maximize warmth, it can restrict hand movement.  

Review and Comparison  

Venustas 7.4V Heated Gloves

Key Feature

Graphene heating elements

3M Thinsulate

3 adjustable heating setting

35% lambskin & 65% polyester shell

100% Knitted polyester lining.

7.4V lithium battery(2200mAh)

Venustas Heated Gloves

This pair of Venustas heated gloves uses graphene heating technology to distribute warmth evenly across 10 fingers and the back of the hand. And it’s packed with 3M Thinsulate insulation to trap the heat within hands. Because of the water-resistant material crafted with the shell and lining, these heated gloves are an ideal choice for outdoor life, such as skiing, camping, fishing, and so on. To ensure a comfortable user experience, it is designed with an anti-lost buckle and adjustable wrist velcro.

ORORO Heated Mittens

Key feature

Adjustable heating setting

3M Thinsulate ™

100% polyester and lining

B22A battery(2000mAh)

Split-finger design

ORORO Heated Mittens

ORORO heated mittens are different from traditional gloves. It is crafted with split-finger construction to make the interior like gloves, and the heating elements outline each individual finger to maximize the warmth. Also, these mittens are made with genuine goatskin, Taslan shell, and insulated with 3M™ Thinsulate™ insulation. So, they not only can trap heat efficiently but also provide water-resistant protection.




Heating Hours


Common Application


Venustas Heated Gloves


8-9 hours


Driving, cycling, or typing


ORORO Heated Mittens


7 hours


Hiking, camping, or walking the dog




 All in all, heated gloves and heated mittens both are great to keep hands warm. If you are still hesitant about these options, please consider your specific needs and the activities you'll be engaging in. Hope this guide can help you find the best one.


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Read Venustas heated jacket manual:

Heated apparel 5V

Heated apparel 7.4V

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