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A Comprehensive Heated Jacket Guide for Outdoor Enthusiasts

14 Aug 2023

“I always get a lot of fun in various outdoor activities, but sometimes cold weather could put a damper on the experience. Finally, I discover heated jackets can be a perfect solution.”

Winter sports

It’s hard to keep the balance between staying warm and free movement. Layering is a good way to seek warmth, but it could cause discomfort to the body and restrict movement. So, when heated jackets come in, they find this kind of fantastic clothing can help them to enjoy outdoor life, even if in the frigid months.

In this blog, we will take a close look at heated jackets and focus on outdoor enthusiasts to provide a comprehensive guide to find the best heated jacket.

Understand heated jacket technology

 Heated Jacket Technology

What makes heated jackets different? Heating technology. As the name implies, heated jackets are built with a heating system to generate heat automatically. Typically, heating elements are sewn into the apparel, and placed on the core area of the body, like the chest, back, and shoulder. And these heating elements are powered by a specially designated battery to transform the electric energy into heat. Also, the heating system is controlled by the power button on the apparel. Wearers just need to insert the power cable into the battery port, press the power button, and then the warmth can be quickly distributed to their bodies.

Why choose a heated jacket for outdoor enthusiasts?

Adjustable warmth. Layering clothes is a way to trap the heat. If you feel hot when you engage in outdoor activities, you need to take off your clothes. But with a heated jacket, it’s easy to adjust the warmth with the heating setting. Normally, there are 3 heating level to enable wearers to enjoy a prefect level of warmth at ease.

Ease of movement. Without the bulky experience brought by many layers of clothing, heated jackets normally have a lightweight design and excellent heating system to allow outdoor enthusiasts to move freely without compromising the warmth.

Heated Jacket Battery

Extended outdoor time. Heated jackets powered by batteries can work up to 8-9 hours, which can provide long-lasting warmth when you take part in winter sports. Although the battery is out of power, the premium insulation still can keep the body warm.

Water-resistant heated jacket

Water-resistant feature. Primarily, heated jackets are designed for outdoor people. So, manufacturers consider the unpredictable weather and choose water-resistant material to make heated jackets. It’s advantageous to embark on some activities, like skiing, snowboarding, or fishing.

Different types of heated jackets for outdoor enthusiasts 

Skiing/Snowboarding Heated Jacket

Skiing and snowboarding are the most popular winter activities, especially in some cold areas. And it’s essential to prepare professional gear, like ski jackets, helmet, goggles, and so on. In addition, heated jackets are an ideal choice to enhance overall performance during skiing or snowboarding.

Snowboarding Jacket

If you are a skiing or snowboarding enthusiast, this zipper-up fleece heated jacket can meet your needs. This jacket is crafted with soft and lightweight fleece material, which can perfectly fit the body to freely enjoy winter sports without any bulky fleeing. Also, the 100% polyester shell can protect you from snow.

Hunting Heated Jacket

Some people like hunting in the winter because the snow can provide better visibility to capture animals. But sometimes the harsh weather can affect the hunting experience. Maybe a heated jacket can provide a great solution.

Hunting Jacket

To enhance the hunting performance, this classic heated jacket with an excellent heating system can keep the body warm all day. The 5 carbon fiber heating elements and 7.4V battery guarantee the heat can distribute to the body evenly and effectively. It helps to improve your focus and physical comfort during hunting. And there are 5 pockets with YKK zipper to store many items.

Hiking Heated Jacket

It’s exciting to plan a hiking trip, whether you are going to mountains, forests, or deserts. Before hiking, people would make a careful plan to ensure an excellent and safe hiking experience. If you plan to hike on cold days or ached cold areas, you should take a heated jacket to prevent freezing weather.

Hiking Jacket

This 3-in-1 heated jacket can be worn in 3 different ways to beat different types of cold and meet different temperature needs. If you choose to hike in the mountains where there is a large temperature difference between day and night, this jacket combines 6 heating elements and a 3-in-1 design to provide you with targeted warmth. And the detachable hood helps to prevent wind and rain during hiking.


With a heated jacket, outdoor enthusiasts can take a lot of fun in winter sports. If you’re an outdoor lover and hate to go outside in winter, it’s an informed choice to pick a heated jacket that perfectly fits your needs.


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Read Venustas heated jacket manual:

Heated apparel 5V

Heated apparel 7.4V

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