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Heated Clothing: An Ideal Choice for Outdoor Adventurers & Workers

11 Nov 2022 0 Comments

During the bitter winter winds, who doesn't enjoy sipping hot cider or snuggling up by the fire on a snowy, cold day? The need for warmth and shelter is instinctive when temperatures drop uncomfortably low. As an option for those who enjoy outdoor activities and working outdoors, heated clothing lets them chase the cold wind away.

What Is Heated Clothing?

Modern comforts like heated outerwear not only keep you warm but also enhance your health and performance, which can be appreciated by outdoor enthusiasts and winter sports players everywhere.

Battery-powered clothing, such as the heated jacket, is designed mainly for cold-weather sports and activities. The advantage of these jackets is that they maintain your body temperature regardless of how cold the weather is.

The heated clothing runs on power banks or integrated batteries that are built into its lining, and their construction and working aren't as complex as they might seem.

Outdoor enthusiasts and players of winter sports can benefit from modern comforts such as heated outerwear, which keeps you warm while also improving your health and performance.

Who Needs Heated Clothing?

Goosebumps, shivering, and stiffness are all common signs of becoming cold. The people who venture outside in cold weather, which can be either outdoors or indoors. Clothes alone and heated clothing combined with modern technological gadgets assist and sustain people's thermophysiological comfort in frigid conditions during various occupational tasks.

Outdoor Adventurers

Adventurers know that being outdoors is all about having the most memorable experience possible. Whether that means being together with friends and family enjoying nature in all its beauty, or venturing out solo, choosing the right gear is crucial for a successful experience. One of the most significant factors for exploration is to avoid getting cold, especially in winter.

Our battery-heated clothing delivers active heat when you need it. Improved agility, flexibility, and range of motion are just a few of the performance advantages of wearing heated clothing. A heated jacket helps regulate your body temperature when you are adventuring outdoors.

Outdoor Worker

It takes the work out of staying warm on the job site with our heated jacket. Our heated work jacket comes with an ultra-compact battery that will last up to 10 hours on low with three heat settings of up to 130°F of near-instant heating power. The outer shell is made of wind and water-resistant fabric with easy-to-clean inner nylon material. You’ll love the adjustable cuffs and removable hood.

2 heating zones in the pockets, 2 heating zones on the chest, and 1 heating zone in the back. The conductive thread heating elements, and one-touch controller to change the temperature as needed, will keep you toasty warm on those cold days the job site forces you to work through. The heated work jacket you’ll ever own, which is designed to work for you when you need it most.

Advantages of Heated Clothing

High Versatility

Due to their thin and lightweight design, heated jackets can be worn under or over layers of clothing without causing a size increase. Nevertheless, they're quite fashionable, so you can wear them under outerwear without any problem.

Long Service Life

It is possible for a traditional winter coat or sweater to lose its warmth over time, but a heated jacket will never lose its warmth over time.

Graphene and carbon fiber are some of the materials used to manufacture heated jackets, which are durable and last a lot longer than standard jackets.

More Warmth

Being cold and shivering makes it difficult to concentrate on what needs to be done. There is a possibility that a normal jacket will not be thick or warm enough as temperatures drop. However, the more you adjust the level of your heated jacket, the warmer it will get. Those in construction and carpentry are ideal candidates for heated jackets, as we mentioned previously.


With their practicality, versatility and efficient technology, there's a lot to like about heated clothing.

So, if you're looking to invest in a heated jacket for your winter wardrobe, please visit the Venustas store.


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Read Venustas heated jacket manual:

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