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11 Nov 2022 0 Comments

A Heated Hoodie Helps You Enjoy the Outdoor Activities in Winter

Who doesn't enjoy sipping hot cider on a chilly day, or snuggling up by the stove as the freezing winter winds whip outside? When temperatures plummet to unacceptably low levels, humans have an innate desire to find warmth and shelter. We have bundled up in as many warm layers as we could for centuries. With heated apparel, not only is staying warm a breeze, but it also offers many health and performance benefits to outdoor enthusiasts and winter sports athletes everywhere.

Simple&Stylish Design

The pullover heated hoodie is crafted in a classic, casual pullover style. It can act as a normal hoodie when the heating function is turned off. Whether you need the heated pullover hoodie for a hurry in the morning, for a casual look in town or for outdoor activities, you'll experience comfort, warmth and freedom of movement through the shoulders and chest.

Elastic cuffs and hem of the electric hooded sweatshirt help trap the warmth and heat generated by the heating elements and the human body. Its adjustable drawstring hood allows you to adjust the hood size whenever needed. And the classic large front pouch pocket is handy for carry-on items, such as flashlights, smartphones, etc. The lining is 100% polyester featuring soft, skin-friendly, breathable, fading, and pilling, assuring a comfortable wearing experience.

Comfortable and Flexible

Everything else in your life is electronic, so why shouldn't your hoodie be, too? This fashionable, electric heated hoodie looks stylish and is warm and flexible enough on its own to keep you comfortable on most casual outdoor errands.

In cold winter, the heated sweatshirt warms you, making outdoor activities possible. It regulates the human body's temperature when you are hunting, ice fishing, ice hockey, snowmobiling, motorcycling, camping, mountain climbing, and hiking.

Warm Enough to Against Cold Weather

If you're going to be spending a lot of time outside, just plug in the power bank and get an extra dose of warmth. 5 carbon fiber heating elements generate heat across underneath 2 pockets, left and right chest and mid-back, allowing someone to be wrapped in warmth while chasing away any cooling breeze. Heating up your entire core body makes you feel as warm as sitting by a burning fireplace.

This heated hoodie features 3 heating levels: 4hrs at low (95°F/35°C), 5hrs at medium (113°F/45°C), 10hrs at high (130°F/55°C). Press the button to adjust the temperature for different levels of warmth, so you stay warm and comfortable in cold weather. It's quite convenient and easy to do, too.


Whether you spend a lot of time outside or fancy yourself a warm seat by the fireplace instead, an electrically heated hoodie will transform the way everyone interacts with the cold.

If being cold keeps you indoors, for instance, it can make it easy and enjoyable to spend more time outside. If you love to be outside but the weather just wears you down, the hours of glorious heat delivered to your front and back can make spending even more time outside possible.

All in all, a heated hoodie is going to give you the newfound freedom to spend more time outside in the colder weather without worrying about how you’ll stay warm.


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Read Venustas heated jacket manual:

Heated apparel 5V

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