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Find Great Heated Clothing Deals in Black Friday 2021

15 Nov 2021 0 Comments
Find Great Heated Clothing Deals in Black Friday 2021

For those looking for a perfect Christmas gift or warm winter outwear, Black Friday is the best opportunity to grab a great deal. Venustas Heated apparel is known as a lifesaver during cold days. With the exceptional heating system, heated jackets, heated vests, and heated hoodies can provide additional warmth, which allows you to brave the harsh weather without fearing the cold.


The Best Things to Buy on Black Friday

If you're shopping for any of the below items, rest assured they'll be at the biggest discounts and some of the lowest prices of the year during the Black Friday Sale. So feel good about adding them to your cart, checking out quickly, and then relaxing the rest of Thanksgiving weekend.

Tips: You will save $50 for order amount over $250 on Unisex Collection; Get 20% OFF on Men & Women Collection.

Find Great Heated Clothing Deals in Black Friday 2021

Classic outerwear that you won't want to miss. This battery heated jacket is wind and water-resistant, and it carries the best Venustas heating system, which ensures you a toasty and dry feeling while traveling, commuting, or walking the dog.

Promising Review: This is a great coat. Warm and water-resistant. The batteries last decent. I had it on the medium from 10 am, and it was drained by about 3 pm. I bought a second battery right off so that I always have a full charge. Love the heat included on the shoulders. Makes a huge difference than only the chest and back. The coat is of great quality. I highly recommend it.


Venutsas Heated Hoodie

Find Great Heated Clothing Deals in Black Friday 2021

Unisex heated hoodie for men and women! This heated pullover hoodie is a truly all-season heat up hoodie. It adopts graphene as a heating material, which ensures better heat conductivity. Pullover design makes it easy to wear and a perfect pick in a hurry. It can be versatile for staying home, outdoor sports, hanging out, etc.

Promising Review: This is a Christmas present for my wife, who is always complaining about being cold. Since she doesn't know that I got this, I had my son try it on as they're roughly the same size (size small) and it fit perfectly. The best part is that we saw a commercial about heated jackets this morning and she was telling me that she'd really like one of those. Lol.


Flash Sale I (11.16-11.22)
Find Great Heated Clothing Deals in Black Friday 2021

One of the best sellers! You can get $40 OFF on the Flash Sale I! It'sIt's puffy, lightweight, wind and water-resistant, and it has a hood that can protect your head and ear from the cold wind. Four colors are available now.

Promising Review: The jacket feels really nice and fits just perfect. It got a little bit chilly there and I'm glad I had it. I had the battery pack fully charged and for the few hours I had it on it only used 5% battery. I like this jacket better because it also has a hoodie to keep me warm all around. It would be my go-to jacket for this year's winter and for my trip I'm taking up north.


Flash Sale II (11.24-11.30)
Find Great Heated Clothing Deals in Black Friday 2021

Get $40 OFF on the Flash Sale II. This means heated vest is lightweight, yet insulated, so you can wear them with or without a jacket. Water and wind-resistant exterior ensure you keep warm and comfortable in unpredictable weather conditions.

Promising Review: I tried several vests, and this one was the best for the following reasons (a) great fabric and design (b) USB battery .. which means I can use any power bank, not just the proprietary connectors like other brands (c) it's really warm. I've tested it on a motorcycle going 70mph at 35F --- that's 5F with windchill .. and the vest made the ride comfortable. Without it I wouldn't dream of being out there at freezing temperatures.


Find Great Heated Clothing Deals in Black Friday 2021

Save $40 OFF on the Flash Sale II. The lightweight women's heated vest can be a perfect choice for cold days and protects you from heavy burdens. Durable fabric and carbon fiber heating elements are completely safe for hand and machine washing.

Promising Review: I am 5' 0" tall and 110 pounds and the small is good. I can still wear a bulky sweater with it. I wear it under my big heavy winter coat too and it doesn't add much bulk. I usually keep the vest on when I go to a restaurant or work to take the chill off. Sometimes without turning it on even. Its so soothing and cozy. Love the fabric. Love everything about it.


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Read Venustas heated jacket manual:  

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