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07 Sep 2021 0 Comments

Fall Workout Outfits Ideas 2021

Fall is coming! The end of summertime can seem like the saddest time of the year, but there's also something nice about the cool, crisp air that can bring some new elements into your usual routine, especially when it comes to workouts. As the leaves start to change their colors, your closet needs to change too. With the dropping temperature and the changing weather, you will need to get some fall workout outfits that can easily go from sunshine to frost and cool to cold. Here are some fall workout clothes that you can't miss.


Venustas Heated Hoodie


If there's one item in the closet that a sports fan can't live without, it has to be that soft, extremely cozy hoodie. When days are getting colder, if you are looking for a hoodie that can keep you in a fashionable look while still keep you warm in the fall weather, the Venustas heated hoodie is highly recommended. With carbon fiber heating elements inside, this heated hoodie is a great medium weight and cozy as a sweatshirt while looking like a simple, clean pullover.


Venustas Heated Vest

Fall Workout Outfits Ideas 2021

A fleece vest will be your best friend for cooler weather hikes or workouts. Also, it is a closet essential for layering under other gear on freezing days. This season, fleece Vneustas heated vest is your best choice. With 4 carbon fiber heating panels inside, this battery heated vest can provide additional warmth for the chilly weather. What's more, you can throw on this versatile vest over a long-sleeve T-shirt to complete your fashion look.

Fall Workout Outfits Ideas 2021

The key to finding a perfect vest for you is to consider the conditions you'll be facing in fall and spring while exercising. If rain or fog is the main elements, you should consider a vest with a water-repellent shell. For instance, the classic Venustas heated vest’ outer layer is made of Polyester, which makes it water and wind-resistant, and it's equipped with a long-lasting battery that can work for up to 8 hours. That way, you will get all the benefits of an electric heated vest while keeping dry during outdoor activities.


Consider this the best v-neck Venustas heated vest for all your daily workouts on chilly days. A v-neck design means this rechargeable heated vest can be layered under your thick jacket on freezing days while being invisible. For those who love stylish outfits and layers, it's a huge advantage. Let it take you from the office, the gym, and the bar. That's true versatility.


Venustas Heated Jacket Fleece

Fall Workout Outfits Ideas 2021

You won't have to work hard to find a jacket perfect for fall jogs and winter workouts. The fleece Venustas heated jacket is insulated and can trap your body heat to prevent the fall chill. On the colder days, you can turn it on to get extra warmth and adjust the temperatures (low, medium, high) to make sure you won't overheat.


Finding the perfect outfits for a workout in fall weather is not so easy- keeping the balance between warmth and versatility is a tricky task. But Venustas did it. Not only for fashion but function as well, people who exercise outdoors during the fall and into winter should have a selection of wind-, rain- and snow-resistant outwear that keep their focus on moving the body and not how cold the weather is.


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