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Explain: Why We Use 12V Battery for Heated Jacket?

10 Nov 2023

As the cold winter weather arrives, heated jackets have become an essential item for anyone looking for coziness and warmth during outdoor activities. At Venustas, our dedication to delivering the finest experience for our customers has led us to an important decision: utilizing 12V batteries to operate our heated jackets. In this guide, we will delve into the benefits behind this choice and how it enhances your cold-weather outdoor experiences.

Venustas 12V Battery VS 7.4V Battery VS 5V Battery

Initially, 5V batteries were designed to power heated jackets. Subsequently, with technological advancements, manufacturers developed 7.4V batteries to cater to various types of heated jackets, and eventually, the 12V batteries were introduced. Now, let’s delve into the distinctions between these three battery types, using the Venustas battery as a reference.


Venustas offers 3 battery types: 5V (1,0000 mAh), 7.4V (4,800 mAh), and 12V (10,000 mAh). While the 5V batteries have a higher capacity than the 7.4V batteries, there is minimal variance in heating hours. Both can operate for up to 8–9 hours on low settings. 12V batteries designed with a 7.4V DC port can power 7.4V heated apparel for up to 35 hours. (5V and 7.4V batteries are not interchangeable, but 12V batteries can power 7.4V heated apparel.)

Heating Zones:

The three battery packs can support varying numbers of heating elements. Typically, higher voltage results in greater energy storage in the battery. Additionally, the 7.4V battery features a USB output and a DC output, while the 5V battery has two USB outputs. The 12V battery offers three available outputs: the DC 7.4V/2.5A output for 7.4V heated apparel, the 9-12.6V output for 12V heated apparel, and the Type-C output for other electric devices. The DC output is specifically designed for heated jackets and can deliver more power to support 5–6 heating elements. In contrast, the 5V batteries can only support 3–4 heating panels.


Comparatively, the 7.4V battery is smaller in size and weighs 198~200g, making it portable when kept in a pocket compared to the 5V and 12V batteries.

Benefits of Venustas 12V Battery for Heated Jackets

The primary benefit of using a 12V heated coat over a 7.4V or 5V heated coat lies in its power supply and therefore, its heating capabilities.

  • Heat Output: Generally, a 12V heated coat can produce more heat compared to a 7.4V or 5V heated coat due to the higher voltage. This leads to more efficient and quicker heating, providing better warmth in colder conditions.
  • Duration of Heat: A 12V system may potentially offer longer-lasting heat as it draws power from a higher voltage battery or power source. This often results in an extended duration of heating before needing to recharge or change the power source. Additionally, a 12V battery typically has a higher capacity compared to lower voltage batteries such as 5V or 7.4V.
  • Performance in Extreme Cold: In very cold conditions, a 12V heated coat may perform better and maintain warmth more effectively than a 7.4V or 5V heated coat. The higher voltage can help combat extreme cold temperatures more efficiently.
  • Faster Heating: Due to the higher voltage, 12V heated coats tend to heat up more quickly, providing almost instant warmth once turned on compared to 7.4V or 5V heated coats.
  • Built-In Safety Features: To ensure safety, 12V batteries often come with built-in safety features such as overheat protection and short-circuit protection. This added layer of safety provides peace of mind during extended outdoor use.
  • Suitable for Prolonged Outdoor Activities: If you're planning extended outdoor activities, such as all-day skiing, camping, or long hikes, a 12V battery can keep you warm throughout the day. Its extended runtime ensures that you're not left in the cold halfway through your adventure. Venustas 12V battery pack provides up to 20 hours warmth runtime.

FAQs about Venustas 12V Battery Pack

These commonly asked questions are intended to give you a better grasp of the Venustas 12V battery packs and their secure and efficient use in our heated jackets.

1.Are 12V batteries safe to use in heated jackets?

A: Yes, 12V batteries are secure for use in heated jackets. Venustas 12V battery packs with an NTC controller have various safety measures, including protection against overheating, short circuits, and more. These features guarantee that you can enjoy the warmth of your heated jacket without worrying about safety.

2.How long does charging the Venustas 12V battery pack take?

A: The charging duration for the Venustas 12V battery pack varies based on the specific model and capacity. Typically, it takes 3-4 hours with a 20V/1.75A charger to charge a 12V battery pack completely.

3.How long does the 12V battery last in a heated jacket on a single charge?

A: The battery life of a 12V battery in a heated jacket depends on factors such as the heating setting used, outdoor temperature, and the dual heating controller. Anticipate a continuous warmth of 35 hours in single-switch mode for 7.4V dual-control heated jackets, making it suitable for extended outdoor activities.

4.Are Venustas 12V battery packs compatible with older heated jacket models?

A: Compatibility may differ based on the specific heated jacket model and the design of the battery compartment. Venustas 12V battery packs can be utilized in 7.4V and 12V heated jackets.

5.Can I bring spare 12V battery packs for extended outdoor activities?

A: Yes, you can bring spare 12V battery packs to prolong your outdoor adventures. This is especially valuable for activities requiring longer heating durations or if you plan to be outdoors for an extended period.


In the realm of heated jackets, the selection of battery plays a critical role in ensuring your warmth and comfort. Venustas utilizes 12V batteries due to their ability to deliver the necessary power, efficiency, and prolonged runtime that are essential for cold-weather enthusiasts. When you wear a Venustas heated jacket powered by a 12V battery, you're not only warding off the cold but also approaching outdoor activities with certainty.


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