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05 Jan 2023 1 comment

Do Heated Jackets Cause Cancer?

“Heated jacket benefits me a lot, especially in cold weather. But I wonder whether a heated jacket could increase the risk of breast cancer because it touches our skin and maybe radiate our bodies.”

Heated Jacket

A heated jacket always is an essential kit to grasp warmth in any freezing conditions. The low temperature always restricts any movement, making the winter a tough time for outdoor people, like deliverymen, drivers, cleaners, and outdoor enthusiasts. Now everything would be changed because of a heated jacket.


Owing to its competitive performance, a heated jacket gradually become a main focus in the “Top essential winter gear list”. However, popularity always accompanies controversy. In recent years, heated jackets confronted a lot of questions, in which the safety issue is the priority. In this article, we particularly pick one of the heated topics “Do heated jacket cause cancer?” to make a discussion.

Do Heated Jackets Cause Cancer?

No, they don’t. A heated jacket is a battery-powered jacket to produce warmth. It is similar to heated blankets. In the early time, experts studied whether there was the connection between heated blankets and cancer. They studied 1,200 women, half of whom were suffer from breast cancer. In this study, 40% of women are required to use the heated blankets while the remaining cannot use them, which concludes the test result by comparison. Finally, the fact proved that heated blankets cannot cause breast cancer. Although there is no study to research heated jackets, the above study also can indirectly conclude that they are not harmful to humans.

heated blanket

Also, a heated jacket uses superior heated technology, involving high-quality heating elements, waterproof material, adjustable heating settings, and a certified battery. All tell us that heated jackets are safe to use.

Benefits of Heated Jackets

Heated jackets pride themselves on giving heat to against the cold. It cannot cause harm while providing more opportunities to us. If you still haven’t made up your mind between a heated jacket and a traditional jacket, we are here to share with you the benefits of heated jackets to help you decide.

Guaranteed warmth

Guaranteed warmth. It’s the primary advantage of a heated jacket. As known, a heated jacket is designed with heating elements to power 35-55℃ across the core body areas. Also, its layer material prevents heat loss to provide double warmth. Because of its unprecedented warmth, those who work outside have more power to challenge the cold weather without any flinch. Most importantly, its long-lasting working performance (normally can up to 9-10 hours) enables people to work or relax in a comfortable environment.

Lightweight experience

Lightweight experience. Many layers of clothing restrict our pace to do everything, no matter working or playing. A heated jacket provides the best solution to this issue. It is crafted with lightweight fabric to guarantee high versatility, making you free in a harsh environment. On the other side, a heated jacket covers you with enough warmth, which means you can get rid of the burden brought by heavy clothes.

Blood Circulation

Promote blood circulation. A heated jacket produces heat by releasing an infrared ray. Some people doubt that radiation can cause damage to the human body, even causing cancer. But not all radiation is malignant. For example, the ray radiated by a heated jacket is good for us, like promoting blood circulation or releasing joint pain. It is a great heated jacket for everyone, especially for the old. Old people wear a heated jacket to be wrapped in a warm blanket all day without any cold feeling.


All in all, a heated jacket it is not cancerous to us, and provides a great way to make winter not cold anymore. Now, are you ready to buy a heated jacket? It would be the best option for your winter. So, put your hesitation away and embrace a heated jacket.


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1 comment

18 Jan 2024 Linda McDonald

I received one as a gift. It is fabulous!!
Works for me great!! Makes a world of difference in my daily routin.

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