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Can You Embroider on Heated Apparel?

28 Jun 2023 0 Comments

“I bought a heated jacket as a gift for my husband. And I want to embroider his name on the apparel to make it special and unique. But I’m not sure whether this electric jacket can be embroidered because of the heating elements.”

Heated Apparel

Heated apparel features built-in heating elements, adjustable heating settings, and a specially designated battery to provide amazing warmth. It’s a battery-operated jacket that offers a better way to stay warm. Compared with traditional winter clothes, heated jackets use advanced heating technology to enable wearers to feel warm quickly even in the extremely cold area.

Because of the exceptional heating performance, heated apparel starts to become a great gift choice. Many people think the functionality and practicality of heated clothing make it perfect for special celebrations. Some of us even would like to embroider patterns to express our creativity and sincerity. However, can we embroider something on heated apparel given the heating system?

Overview of embroidery techniques

embroidery technique

Typically, embroidery is a decorating art widely used in fashion design. This versatile technique generally uses needle and thread to create colorful patterns on fabric to make the clothing more visually appealing. There are many kinds of embroidery techniques used in clothing design and handmade crafts, such as cross-stitch embroidery, chain stitch, or stain stitch. And it’s a popular way to embroider personal names or patterns on clothes as a special gift for friends and families.

Can you embroider on heated apparel?

Of course, most heated jackets can be embroidered. If you’re not sure, we suggest that you should contact the manufacturers for accurate information. Also, it’s a challenging task to embroider on heated apparel because of the complex heating system.

Heating system of heated jacket

There are heating elements and wires woven into the fabric to build a heating system to generate heat once the battery transfers the electric energy. Also, the heating button is typically designed on the clothing fabric to make it easy to use. Users just need to connect the battery and press the button to power the heating elements. So, it’s essential to avoid the heating areas, heating settings, and cable wires to prevent any damage to the apparel when considering the embroidery design.

In addition, heated jackets are usually made from specific materials to enhance functionality. And embroidery may not be suitable for some fabrics, so it’s advisable to make a test on a small area or ask the help for professional embroiderers.

How to embroider on heated apparel?

How to embroider on heated apparel?

It sounds great to embroider something special on heated apparel, and this is an easy hand technique. And we will share some tips to help you make creative embroidery.

  • Prepare the necessary embroidery materials: needle, thread, scissors, straight pins, tracing paper, and the heated apparel that you want to embroider.
  • Create and cut out your design on paper. Or you can print the pattern you love.
  • Choose the embroidery area to pin the paper you create. And remember to avoid the heating elements, cable wires, and power button.
  • Thread a needle with embroidery floss and knot the end to ensure all snitches do not fall out.
  • Hand-sew the creative design and finish the embroidery work
  • Put it under cool water and rub the stabilizer to make the pattern perfectly leave on your heated apparel.


All in all, most heated jackets can be embroidered. And it’s a great way to sew delicate patterns to make the apparel more stylish. To ensure safety, don’t forget to ask the suggestion from the manufacturer if you would like to embroider your name on the clothes.


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