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29 Jun 2023 0 Comments

Can Heated Jackets Be Used with Larger Capacity Battery?

“Heated jackets are awesome to generate heat in seconds and keep warmth in hours. But this battery easily runs out of power on high level. Could I use a larger capacity battery to prolong the working hours of the heated jacket?”

It’s proved that heated jackets have gradually revolutionized our way of keeping our bodies toasty in chilly weather. The battery-powered jackets can transfer the electric energy into heat, and then distribute different degrees of warmth to the body with the adjustable heating setting. This amazing feature helps us to get rid of many layers of clothing while the warmth is more accessible.

Heated Jacket

How long does the heated jacket last? It greatly depends on the capacity of the battery and the heating level you choose. So, maybe someone wonders whether the heated jacket can provide more long-lasting warmth if they use a larger capacity battery. Now, let’s explore something about the power bank and discuss this issue.

The importance of a heated jacket battery

A battery means a lot for a heated jacket. With advanced heating technology, heated jackets are powered by specially designated batteries to provide warmth. Once the battery connects to the apparel, wearers can feel warmth and comfort in low temperatures.

Heated jacket battery

Also, the heating performance greatly can be affected by the power bank. Typically, a larger voltage battery can heat more heating elements at the same time. For example, the 7.4V battery can power 6 heating elements while the 5V battery only can support 4 heating elements. And the larger capacity battery can extend the heating hours.

Most importantly, most power banks are rechargeable to enhance convenience and practicality. Heated jacket batteries are environmental-friendly and user-friendly because they can be used many times. And they are designed to store in a pocket to make it easy to use.

Can heated jackets be used with larger capacity batteries?

Battery Heated Jacket

Normally, manufacturers have various requirements about the heated jacket battery specifications. Most heated jackets are only compatible with specially designated batteries. That means they cannot be used with other batteries. On the other side, if both batteries have the same voltage and come from the same manufacturer, they maybe can be replaced by each other though the capacities are different. For example, 7.4V Venustas heated jacket can be used with a dedicated 5,000 mAh battery or 4,800 mAh battery. So, if you would like to change a larger capacity battery, it’s advisable to ask for the manufacturers’ help and follow the battery instruction to prevent any damage.

Heated Jacket Battery

Batteries are crucial for heated jackets. There are different types of batteries used to power the heating elements, and lithium batteries are the most common. This kind of battery features a lot of awesome features compared with other batteries. Typically, lithium batteries with higher energy density can release efficient energy to heat up the garment for a long time. And the batteries have low self-discharge ability, which can efficiently retain the heat even if you don’t use the jacket. Also, it features stable and safe performance to ensure the long lifespan.

A few tips to take care of the battery

  • Fully charge the battery before your first use.
  • Charge the battery regularly (every three months) when you put away the heated jacket.
  • Use the specially designated power to charge the battery.
  • Unplug the power cable in time once the battery is fully charged.
  • Keep the battery far away from moisture, extreme temperature, or mental.
  • Do not throw, drop, or squeeze the battery.


Heated jackets are battery-powered, so it’s essential to know more about the battery and follow the using instruction. Normally, different batteries with the same voltage from the same manufacturers can be replaced by each other. But in case of any damage, we suggest that you should ask the suggestion from the manufacturers.


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