Can I Use Any Power Bank with Heated Jacket?

“It seems that the battery was out of work, but I love this heated jacket. My mom said maybe I can try other power banks to connect with my apparel. Does it work?”

It has been many years since the first heated jacket was invented. Maybe it was confronted with a lot of doubts earlier but now the great popularity proves its success. It’s easy to find that heated jackets have been sold everywhere, especially the cold place.

Heated jacket battery

Heated jackets are different. It is a battery heated jacket with heating elements to produce heat. Given this difference, some people wonder whether they could use other batteries to power heated jackets. Well, it is one of the frequently asked questions. So, we write this blog to make a detailed answer for you.

How do heated jackets work?

It is similar to the heated blanket. Heated elements as a heating layer are inside the heated jacket to guarantee the producing heat. Carbon fiber and graphene are commonly used in heating elements to heat more evenly to warm the body.

heated jacket battery

Also, it is normally designed with a quick-access pocket to store the battery. And there is a cable that connects to the heating layer. So, when plugging the cable into the battery port, the heating elements would in normal running to heat in seconds.

Can I use any power bank with heated jackets?

As above mentioned, the power bank plays a critical role to maintain the heating performance. Or we can say that a heated jacket would lose its ability without a battery. On the other hand, the importance of the battery arises some questions, like “Could we use other batteries with heated jackets?” or “Is it safe if I use my phone power bank?”.

Could I use any power bank with heated jacket

In the heated apparel industry, most manufacturers are more likely to use a specially designated power bank with heated jackets, like Venustas or Ororo. Starting with a security concern, these certified batteries are more stable and durable.


Also, there are various types of power banks for heated jackets, normally 5V, 7.4V, and 12V. 5V is the first version, which still has some limitations in heating. 7.4V and 12 V as upgrade versions can heat larger areas and distribute heat more evenly.

Power bank for heated jacket

Besides that, some power banks are designed with 2 USB ports that allow you to charge your mobile phone. Although these heated jackets cannot be allowed to connect with other batteries, its power bank can be as a normal battery to charge your other devices.

Battery Heated Jacket

However, not all heated jackets only can be compatible with specially designated batteries. Some heated jackets can be powered by other batteries. Maybe it provides a flexible solution when the power bank for a heated jacket is out of work. 

Other Batteries

But other batteries have some security risks. For example, some batteries without overheating protection setting lack stability, which easily causes some accidents, like overheating or even catching fire. So, we suggest that other batteries cannot be connected to a heated jacket.

How to take care of the power bank?

A power bank is made of integrated battery and associated electronics. It could be dangerous if wrongly used. So, we should follow up the battery instruction.

  1. Battery should be kept away from water and remember to remove the battery before washing.
  2. Avoid exposure to the direct sunshine, high temperature, or moisture.
  3. Avoid overcharging. Remember to unplug the cable on the battery port.
  4. Do not use the inferior charging adapter.
  5. Do not squeeze or drop the power bank.

In conclusion, we should not use other power banks with heated jackets. It would not only prevent accidents but also makes the heated jacket more durable. Also, we suggest those brands with specially designated batteries would be better.


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