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Can Heated Vests Catch Fire?

by Anne Tran 11 Apr 2023 0 Comments

"How to keep warm in cold weather without many layers of clothing?"

"A heated vest is a better option."

"Is it safe to wear? I worry it could catch fire."

Heated vests are a remarkable solution to keep warm during extreme cold weather conditions. If you reside in a region where temperatures always below zero or work in harsh environment, owning a heating vest can prove to be a vital remedy for survival. As the heated vests are increasingly popular, someone begins to worry about safety questions. If you also have this concern, please read this article. Using heated vests is considered safe, given that incidents of catching fire are rare.

Can Heated Vests Catch Fire?

Why are people so skeptical about the safety of heated apparel? This concern could stem from a lack of comprehension of electrical principles as well as news of electric blankets catching fire and causing property damage. However, it is highly unlikely for a heated vest or other heated garments to combust as modern heated clothing typically employs carbon fiber heat elements possessing a flash point above 1800°F.

So, please do not worry about this problem. It is important to note that these battery-operated vests have undergone extensive testing and they are proven safe for the wearer. Besides, the battery-operated vests come with mature heated technology, high-quality heating elements, and a safe&reliable battery pack. In short, the answer is heated jackets are safe and they almost could not catch fire.

The Reasons for Catching Fire

Sometimes heated vests may cause catching fire for several reasons. But this possibility is unlikely if you follow the heated vest instructions.

Damaged Wire Circuit. If you discover that the wire of the heating vest has been damaged, it is imperative that you should stop to use it promptly. This is due to the potential hazard of catching fire as well as the possibility of causing safety incidents, such as electrical shocks.

Malfunctioning Temperature Controller. If you find the temperature setting is defect, we strongly suggest that you should not press the power button . Failure to do so could result in potentially hazardous conditions. For example, the temperatures rising gradually and it's easy to cause overheating. This increases the risk of burns and potential fires, especially when the jacket it is on high level.

Poor Quality. Selecting an electric vest of inadequate quality carries a risk of combustion. The presence of unsatisfactory manufacturing methods and substandard materials poses potential risks such as subpar batteries and heating elements, which may cause catching fire.

Safety Instructions for Using Electric Vests

Correct Usage Process:

Here is how to turn on Venustas heated vest correctly:

  1. Plugthe battery back into the cable inside the vest. 
  2. Press and hold the buttonfor 3-5 seconds to make the heated vest in preheating.
  3. Within a few seconds, you can feel the warmth of your electric vest. And there are   3 heat levels that you can choose from and adjust accordingly.
  4. To turn the vest off, hold the button for 3-5secondsuntil the button has no flashing light and disconnect it.

Battery Care. 

It is generally recommended that you charge your battery for about 5-6 hours to get the most battery life. Make sure not to leave it charging for a long period of time—and never overnight.

Besides, it’s worth noting these vital safety tips to protect yourself: Do not expose the battery to liquid because it is easy to cause a fire. And do not try to charge the battery if it has been damaged. Doing so may cause a fire and/or harm.

Wash Care.  

Before proceeding with any washing actions, be sure to remove battery packs from your electric vest. Cannot be dried or ironed.


After reading this article, we hope the uncertainties regarding the issue of heated vests could catch fire have been allayed. The likelihood of the garment itself or its heating components spontaneously igniting is extremely low. Well, don't worry.  wearing an electrical vest will provide you with the utmost warmth and comfort during the frigid winter months.

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Read Venustas heated jacket manual:

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Heated apparel 7.4V

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