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Can Heated Jackets Be Charged without Battery Pack?

07 Aug 2023 0 Comments

“Love this heated jacket. It heats in seconds and lasts for hours to make it perfectly fit various outdoor activities.”

“That sounds great. But can it be charged without a battery pack?”

It’s a trend that heated jackets have changed the way of depending on layering clothes to seek warmth. Compared with traditional clothes, heated jackets rely on the heating system and insulation to generate and trap the heat. This kind of fantastic outwear help people to enjoy long-lasting warmth and comfort in the frigid month.

Heated Jacket

Typically, heated jackets depend on power banks to heat up the heating elements, and then the heat is generated across the body. But some people think that it’s inconvenient to carry a battery. So, they wonder whether the heated jackets can be charged without the battery banks. It’s a good question and we will discuss this topic in this blog.

How do heated jackets work?

How do heated jackets work?

A heating system helps the jacket to automatically generate heat. A heated system normally refers to the heating element, heating setting, and battery. Simply, heating elements sewn into the apparel are the core because they distribute heat to the body. And the battery can transfer the electric energy to power these heating elements. Finally, the power button represents the heating settings to enable users can control the working condition of the heated jacket.

Why heated jackets cannot use storage batteries?

So, heated jackets need batteries to provide power, and heating elements can be activated. Maybe someone thinks that heated apparel can use a storage battery to operate the heating system, but we think this idea is unrealistic.

Heating elements

First of all, heating elements inside the apparel need a lot of energy to generate heat. It requires the battery to have specific voltage and capacity to provide enough power. So, the size and weight of the battery is a little large, which is not suitable to place in the apparel to increase the burden on the body. Secondly, the storage battery in the apparel is prone to being compressed and bumped, which can pose some potential risks, such as liquid leakage and explosion. Finally, how to charge the storage battery when you go outside is an important issue.

In a word, given the limitation of battery technology, user experience, and safety concern, the idea of storing the battery in a heated jacket is out of reality at this moment.

Key factors to look for in heated jacket battery

The battery plays an important role in a heated jacket. When you pick a heated jacket, it’s a must to look for some information or specification about the battery.

Heated Jacket battery

Voltage. The battery voltage is related to the number of heating elements. Normally, the 5V batteries can power 3-4 heating elements at the same time, and 7.4V batteries can power 5-6.

Capacity. The battery capacity determines the heating hours and battery size. Normally, if the battery has more capacity, it can provide longer heating time, but the size is larger. So, look for a battery with sufficient capacity and a small size to fit your needs.

Type. There are many types of batteries used with heated jackets. And lithium batteries with stable overall performance are great choices.

Safety features. It’s a must to check the battery safety features to maximize the user experience. Look for a battery with multiple protection, such as overcharge protection or discharge protection.

How to care heated jacket battery?


The proper use and care of the battery can effectively retain the heating performance and extend the battery’s lifespan. Here are some tips that should be kept in mind. For more info, please check this passage or our battery instructions.

  • Keep the battery away from moisture. Store the battery pack where the relative humidity is 60±15% RH.
  • DONOT expose to liquids (rain or snow), heat, or fire, and avoid direct sunlight.
  • Fully charge every 3 months if no long using it.
  • Avoid dropping, bumping, throwing, or shaking.


In a word, battery heated jacket is an ideal choice to beat the cold days. And heated jackets cannot be charged without battery back. If you would like to purchase a heated jacket, it’s essential to check the information of the battery.


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