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27 Jul 2023 0 Comments

Are Venustas Heated Jackets Machine-washable?

“It’s annoying to find that my heated jacket got dirtied with mud. Can I put it in the washing machine? I worry it would damage the heating elements and fabric.”

Thanks to the remarkable heating performance, heated jackets have been a must for anyone who exposes to the cold, especially those who always work outside or participate in outdoor life. It’s one kind of innovative clothing that changes the way of keeping the body warm.

Washing machine

For first buyers, how to clean heated jackets is one of the most common issues. When they wash heated jackets at the first time, they always wonder whether they can put the apparel in the washing machine because of the incorporated heating system. In this article, we will take a closer look at this issue and help users to take good care of their heated jackets.

Can you wash Venustas heated jackets?

To enhance the overall user experience, Venustas heated jackets are designed to be washed. Users can choose hand-wash or machine-wash to clean their heated jackets. And it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to keep the heating performance and extend the life of heated jackets. In the following, let’s share some important washing tips for you.

Hand wash

Hand wash

  • Prepare a basin with cold or lukewarm water and add a small amount of mild detergent to pre-reat the spot area on the heated jacket.
  • After soaking for several minutes, use a soft brush or cloth to gently clean the stain.
  • Refill the basin with water to clean the soap residues. If needed, please repeat this step until there’s no soap left.
  • Gently use your hands to press the apparel and remove the excess water. Please don’t wring or twist the apparel to prevent the damage from heating elements.
  • Flat the apparel on a clean towel for air drying.

Machine wash

Machine wash

  • Remove the battery, close all zippers, and put your heated jacket in a laundry bag.
  • Add a small amount of detergent to the washing machine. Please don’t use fabric softener or bleach to damage the heating elements.
  • Set the machine in a gentle cycle with cold or lukewarm water. If possible, please use a drum washing machine to ensure the best care for your apparel.
  • Take it out after washing and put it in the place with good circulation.

Why are Venustas heated jackets machine-washable?

Maybe someone thinks that it’s not advisable to put the heated jacket in the washing machine because they worry it could affect the heated performance. But Venustas heated jackets are completely machine-washable based on the following reasons.

Removable power bank

Removable power bank. Venustas heated jackets are powered by rechargeable and removable batteries to heat up the heating elements. The battery stored in a specific place can be removed and kept from the water during washing. So, it’s safe to put your heated jacket in the washing machine if you remove the battery and close the pocket zipper.

Durable material

Durable clothing material. As we know, some clothes are not machine-washable because they are easy to out of shape. But Venustas heated jackets are different. They typically use water-resistant, stretch-resistant, and worn-resistant fabric in the outer layer, such as nylon and polyester.

Water-resistant material

Water-resistant design. To optimize the outdoor experience, Venustas heated jackets adopt water-resistant material, multiple pockets, and YKK zippers to prevent the snow or rain to ruin your good mood. Also, these heated jackets use reinforced seams to prevent the water from affecting the heating elements.


All in all, Venustas heated jackets are easy to care for because they are both suitable for hand-wash and machine-wash. And it’s safe to put your apparel in the washing machine. Finally, it’s important to follow the washing instruction to care for your apparel and maintain the overall performance.


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