A Comprehensive Guide: How to Turn on Heated Vest?

“Wow, this heated vest is so cool. It looks warm and stylish to fit your body.”

“I love it too. It’s easy to use with multiple features, so I think maybe you can buy one for cold days.”

When it comes to winter gear that keeps our body warm, we would consider buying a heated vest. Traditional vests are tough to beat the cold. Even if you layer with too many clothes, it could restrict the movement and lead to discomfort. So, we think you can try a heated vest.

Heated vests

Heated vests promise to keep the body warm by generating heat automatically. This kind of fantastic clothing is powered by a battery to transfer electricity through heating elements. When you are planning to buy a heated vest, it’s important to know how to turn it on. In this article, we write a comprehensive guide to help you to use heated vest and provide some tips to fix the issue of a heated vest not working.

How to turn on heated vest?

First of all, it’s important to take a close look at the heating system. It mainly refers to 3 parts: heating elements, heating settings, and battery.

Heating elements usually made of carbon fiber are safely woven into the clothing fabric. Also, these fibers are placed on the core area to provide target warmth, like the chest, back, shoulder, and collar.

Heating setting

Heating settings can allow wearers to customize the level of warmth. Typically, there are 3 adjustable heating settings representing different temperatures to challenge different types of cold.

The battery is the power source of heated jackets. They usually are made of lithium to ensure safety and stable performance.  

Heated Vest Battery

Now let’s show you how to use the heated vest. When you receive the heated vest, please check everything covered in the package, including the apparel, battery, battery charger, and user instructions. The next step is to check the battery level. It’s advisable to use a fully charged battery in the first use.

OK, let’s move to the most important step. Put the fully charged battery in the pocket and plug the power cable into the battery port. Finally, press the power button designed on the front of the apparel and the heat can quickly distribute to the body. If you would like to adjust the temperature setting, you can press the power button.

Heated Vest Battery

How to charge the battery for heated vests?

Heated vests are battery powered. So, charging the battery is a critical step to ensure it functions effectively. It may be slightly different depending on manufacturer’s instruction. In the following, we conclude some common tips to help you charge the heated vest battery.

  • Use the proper charger. Typically, most heated vests come with a battery and battery charger. Users can charge the battery with the specially designated charger to ensure safety. However, some brands no longer include battery chargers because of their environmental goals. If you’re not sure which charger you should use, please contact the manufacturer for further help.

Battery Indicator

  • Check the battery indicator. Batteries are designed with the LED light to show the battery level. When charging the battery, please check the battery indicator to monitor the charging status. Typically, 3 indicators light up when the battery is fully charged.
  • Remove the power cable. Please unplug the battery in time to prevent any risk. It’s not advisable to charge the battery overnight. Also, store the battery in a cool and dry place after removing the battery.

How to troubleshoot the heated vest not working?

Sometimes it’s frustrating to find your heated vest not working. Based on customer feedback, we collect some common issues and conclude a troubleshooting guide.

Common issues:

  • Connect the battery and press the power button, the battery indicator cannot light up.
  • The power button cannot flash.
  • The power button can flash but the light quickly goes out.
  • The heated vest can work but sometimes it automatically turns off.
  • Some heating areas cannot provide warmth.

Troubleshooting step:

If you have the above issues, please follow these simple steps to

  • Check the connection. Please make sure the power cable is safely plugged into the battery port.
  • Check the battery. Please check the battery level. Sometimes low battery level cannot heat up all heating elements. If a heated vest cannot work with a fully charged battery, please use the battery to charge other compatible devices. If it cannot be charged, there’s something wrong with the battery.

Charge the mobile phone

  • Check the heating elements. It’s not permitted to disassemble the heated vest to inspect the heating elements. So, maybe you can check the exterior to judge whether there’s something damage to the cable wires. If you find some heating areas cannot work while some can, this issue is largely related to heating elements.
  • Contact the manufacturer. When you find the heated vest not working, it’s advisable to follow the above simple steps to diagnose whether is the issue of battery or apparel. After that, you can contact the manufacturer for further help. If your product is within the warranty, they will send a new product to you.


Are heated vests worth it?

Yes, heated vests are totally worth your investment. With an excellent heating system, they can help you to get rid of heavy clothes and freely enjoy winter sports.

Are heated vests good for our health?

Yes, heated vests are safe for us and have a lot of benefits for us. They are lightweight, comfortable, durable, and fashionable. The heat they generate not only can warm our bodies but also can promote blood circulation.

Can I wear a heated vest in the rain?
It depends on the clothing material and the weather. Most heated vests are designed with a waterproof shell to shield you lightly rain or snow. Also, we don’t recommend you wear it in heavy rain to prevent damage to the heating elements and battery.


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