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7.4V Heated Jacket VS 12V Heated Jacket, Which One IS Better?

16 Nov 2023 0 Comments

“Jean, I bought a 12V heated jacket yesterday.”

“That sounds great. Is there any difference from my 7.4V heated jacket?”

Are you planning to pick a heated jacket since the temperature drops? I think it’s a wise decision for those who always stay outside in winter or reside in a cold area.

Heated Jacket

In contrast with traditional jackets, heated jackets are built with heating elements to provide warmth and keep the body toasty with the power of the battery. The battery placed on the zipper pockets usually is designed lightweight and portable, which ensures warmth for up to 8-10 hours. Its excellent performance makes it outstanding in the winter outwear market, and more and more people are shifting the focus from down jackets to this kind of fantastic heated clothing.

Typically, there are 3 types of battery-powered heated jackets on the market: 5V heated jacket, 7.4V heated jacket, and 12V heated jacket. With the development of heating technology and increasing customer demands, 5V heated jacket has gradually exited the market. So, this passage will focus on a 7.4V heated jacket and a 12V heated jacket to explore the similarities and differences.

7.4V Heated Jacket VS 12V Heated Jacket: Similarity

Battery Powered

Battery Powered Heated Jacket

7.4V heated jackets and 12V heated jackets are powered by batteries to generate heat. Plugging the cable into the battery port, the electric energy provided by batteries can be transferred into heat to activate heating elements.

Heating technology

Both are equipped with heating elements to provide warmth. Heating elements are expertly placed on the core body areas, including the back, chest, shoulder, neck, and pockets. Carbon fiber and graphene are usually used in heating elements because they feature remarkable thermal conductivity, flexibility, and damage-proof ability.

Clothing design

Heated Jacket Material

Typically, they are made from shell, lining, and insulation. The shell is always made of water-resistant material, like polyester and nylon; the insulation highlights the warmth with polyester, cotton, or down.

Versatile for outdoor activities

Outdoor Activities

They both combine the comfort, warmth, and style. It’s easy to layer them with your T-shirt, sweater, or dresses without compromising functionality and fashion. No matter which one you choose, they are the best companion for outdoor life in winter, like hiking, camping, fishing, or walking the dog.  

7.4V Heated Jacket VS 12V Heated Jacket: Difference

Heating Performance

12V heated jackets perform better on heating performance. 12V heated jacket battery has a higher voltage to distribute more heat and reach the desired temperature within seconds. Also, a 12V battery can power larger heating elements, which distributes heat to more of the body.

12V Heated Jacket Battery

Battery Output

Our 7.4V battery pack typically has two outputs. One is a 7.4V DC output for 7.4V heated apparel, the other is a USB port for smart devices. Now we introduce our 12V battery pack with 3 outputs: 12V DC port, 7.4V DC port, and Type-C port. It can be used to charge our 7.4V heated apparel, 12V heated apparel, and other electric devices.

Applicable Weather.

In extreme cold weather, 12V heated jackets can beat the cold more effectively and retain longer-lasting heat.7.4V heated jackets are more suitable for mild cold weather.


Because of better heating performance, higher battery voltage, and larger heating elements, the 12V heated jackets are more expensive than the 7.4V heated jackets.

Final Thought: Which One IS Better?

7.4V heated jackets and 12 heated jackets both provide good ways to keep the body tasty. The choice between them depends on your preferences and specific needs. There is no definitive answer as to which one is superior, as it hinges on various factors such as personal comfort, desired heat output, and the intended use of the heated jacket. Considerations like portability, power source compatibility, and the severity of cold conditions play a role in making an informed choice between these options.

For example, if you always tend to be cold in winter or reside in a cold place, a 12V heated jacket with a larger heating output is a better option. Typically, 12V heated jackets are heavier than 7.4V  because of the size of the heating area and different battery requirements. So, 7.4V heated jackets are more perfect for daily use, like commuting to work or walking the dog.


All in all, the better option greatly depends on various factors, such as your specific requirements, the climate you’ll be in, budget considerations, and so on. No matter which one pick, make sure the jacket helps you get rid of cold and extend your outdoor time!


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Heated apparel 7.4V

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