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31 Mar 2023 0 Comments

Why IS My Heated Jacket Not Getting as Hot?

“Oh, I almost wear this heated jacket to keep myself warm, nice, and lightweight every winter. But what makes me upset is that I found it could not heat effectively as past.”

Getting warmth to beat different types of cold is what we are always looking for in a heated jacket. It’s a battery-operated jacket built with a heating system and layered with thermal insulation to maximize warmth and comfort. That’s why it is has become a must-gear in cold weather, especially for those who live in an extremely cold place all around the year.

Heated Jacket

But not everything goes well within the expectation. Sometimes you notice a heated jacket not getting as hot as it used to or as its description. Not being warm enough always annoys us, especially when we go camping or hiking in freezing. So, we particularly write this article to explore the reasons and solutions.

How do heated jackets provide warmth?

Knowing a heated jacket how to work is a primary and important step, which facilitates users to dig out the reason.

Insulation layers are what the traditional jackets depend on to warm bodies while the heated jacket builds with a heating system to generate heat. Battery-powered heated elements are built into the jacket to make it different compared with other cold-weather gear.

Heating elements for heated jacket

These heating elements usually are made of carbon fiber or graphene because both guarantee even heating, quick warmth, and high durability. Also, only when the battery is in the connection, the heating elements can distribute heat to the core body area in the press of a button.

Why is my heated jacket not getting as hot?

So, heating elements and batteries are indispensable for heated jackets. If we find a heated jacket not hot enough, maybe there’s something wrong with the apparel and batteries.

Heating elements issue.

Heating Elements

Maybe it’s the main reason leading to the issue because heated elements are strategically placed on the core body area to produce warmth. Normally, the price of heated jackets with carbon fiber or graphene heating technology ranges from $150 to $300. But Some users may consider other affordable options due to the limited budget. And these options do not pay more attention to the material, which may cause the issue of not being hot enough. Also, long-time use could decrease the heating elements performance.

Wire connection issue.

Wire connection issue

We know that wire plugs into the battery port to power the heating elements. Sometimes the connected wires of heated jackets are easy to cause loose connections due to the poor made or long-period used. Also, it might be a problem of the battery port.   

Battery issue


Batteries are the source of warmth because it powers heating elements. So, it’s critical when discussing the issue. One of the most common reasons is that the battery has not enough power to maintain enough warmth, especially when the jacket is on a high level.

Temperature issue.  

Cold Weather

Also, the temperature is an important consideration. It seems that you could not feel enough warm with a heated jacket if the weather is extremely cold. And the low temperature could affect the battery performance, like faster power consumption.

How to fix this issue?

Not getting enough warmth is a common issue that most users encounter in heated jackets. Since we have already discussed the reasons, now we get back to the solution.

How to fix the heated jacket not getting as hot?

We need to judge whether the issue is caused by the apparel or the battery. Firstly, make sure the battery is fully charged and the battery port is not defective. Users can use the battery to charge the phone to make a check. If there’s no problem with the battery, we deduce that maybe something is wrong with in apparel, and mostly is the heated elements issue. To confirm the answer, you also can use an extra battery. If you still could not fix the issue, please contact customer service for further help.

Moreover, if it’s the temperature issue, we suggest that you can add layers of clothing or prepare an extra battery to guarantee enough warmth no matter how cold the weather is.


All in all, heated jackets not getting as hot is a common concern and it could be caused by a lot of factors. If you encounter this problem, we hope this passage can help you. And if you have any other issue, please visit our troubleshooting articles.


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