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04 Dec 2023 0 Comments

Which is Better: Venustas Heated Hoodie VS Milwaukee Heated Hoodie

As the winter chill sets in, staying warm becomes a priority. As an avid outdoor enthusiast who explores nature year-round, I often find winter challenging due to the low temperatures. The need for heavy clothing or gear can be cumbersome and restrict my mobility. Seeking a solution, I stumbled upon heated apparel, specifically heated hoodies, which have proven to be a game-changer in my outdoor adventures.

Being relatively new to the concept of heated clothing, my initial research aimed at finding a way to stay lightweight and warm during frigid days. The heated hoodie quickly caught my attention as a potential solution.

With numerous options available on the market, including 7.4V and 12V heated hoodies, the task of choosing the perfect one became challenging. After careful consideration of my requirements and preferences, I leaned toward the 12V heated hoodie, believing it to be the ideal choice for my adventures.

To provide a comprehensive review and comparison, I opted to explore offerings from two reputable brands, Venustas and Milwaukee. I purchased two unisex heated hoodies from these brands, aiming to delve into their features, performance, and overall suitability for outdoor activities in cold weather.

Venustas VS  Milwaukee Heated Hoodie

Venustas Heated Hoodie Review


  • 5 Heating Zones
  • Up To 25 Hours Of Warmth
  • Dual Control System
  • Durable Water-Repellent (DWR) Shell 
  • Ultralight Fellex Insulation
  • Ultra-Soft Fleece
  • Adjustable Hoodie
  • Elastic Ribbed Cuffs
  • Zipper-Up Design


What I find particularly appealing about Venustas 12V unisex heated hoodie is its innovative dual heating system. Unlike most heated hoodies that come equipped with a single heating system, this hoodie sets itself apart with dual control buttons designed for individual or simultaneous use. Positioned on the front of the garment, there are two buttons. The first button is dedicated to controlling the chest and back heating elements, while the second button is specifically for the pocket area. Pressing both buttons simultaneously activates all heating elements, providing comprehensive warmth.

(Source: Venustas Official Website)

This dual-control feature is both thoughtful and flexible, catering to diverse weather conditions. On chilly mornings or evenings, I typically press both buttons to ensure maximum warmth. However, as the temperature rises throughout the day, I find it convenient to use only one heating system, adjusting it to the low setting for just the right amount of warmth. This functionality adds a layer of adaptability to the hoodie, allowing me to tailor my comfort to the specific weather conditions I encounter during outdoor activities.

Additionally, the performance of the 12V battery stood out. In comparison to the 7.4V option, its higher voltage capacity allows for more efficient heat dissipation and faster heating. Upon conducting a thorough test of the battery performance post a full charge, the results align with the product description. The 12V battery demonstrated a runtime of 3.5 hours on the high setting, 7 hours on the medium setting, and an impressive 11 hours on the low setting.

(Source: Venustas Official Website)

A noteworthy observation is that, when exclusively utilizing the second button, the heated pocket area can provide warmth for up to an extended period of 25 hours. This extended runtime is particularly beneficial, offering prolonged warmth for specific areas without compromising the overall battery life. The 12V battery's performance adds to the versatility of the heated jacket, ensuring consistent and reliable warmth across varying temperature conditions.

(Source: Venustas Official Website)


The dual heating system, while praised for its flexibility, may be perceived as somewhat complex for users who prefer a simpler operation. Navigating between two buttons could pose a minor challenge for those seeking straightforward controls.


Milwaukee Heated Hoodie


  • 3 heating zones
  • 3 heating levels
  • Up To 6hrs of Runtime
  • 4 pockets
  • Water&Wind Resistance


The Milwaukee heated hoodie incorporates 3 carbon fiber heating elements and employs multi-layer fabric technology, delivering superior warmth. Upon wearing it, I hardly notice the presence of the heating elements, strategically positioned in core areas such as the chest, and back. The thoughtful placement ensures warmth without causing discomfort or hindering movement.

(Source: Milwaukee)

This hoodie is particularly versatile. In the winter, when a jacket is essential, it serves that purpose well. However, during the fall, it transitions seamlessly into a great hoodie option. The experience of driving to work in the winter with the this hoodie brings a touch of comfort from home into my daily commute.


In my evaluation, I discovered that the  Milwaukee unisex heated hoodie had a relatively shorter duration of up to 6 hours on low settings, attributed to its smaller battery capacity. This limited operational time falls short when compared to alternative options in the market and doesn't offer sustained warmth throughout the entire day.

Which One is Better?


Venustas 12V Heated Hoodie

Milwaukee 12V Heated Hoodie





3.5Hrs on High, 7Hrs On Medium, 11Hrs On Low Setting(*Up to 25 Hours of Warmth In a Single-Switch Mode)

Up to 6 hrs on low setting

Heating Zones


Left & Right Chest, Left & Right Pocket, Back

Left & Right Chests, Mid-back

Heating Temperature

High:140℉/60℃,Medium:131℉/55℃, Low:108℉/42.2℃

Not Listed

Charging Time

2 Hours


Mobile Charging




Ultra-soft fleece



Ultralight FELLEX Insulation


Clothing Warranty

1 Year

1 Year

Battery Warranty

2 Year

1 Year


Both the 12V heated hoodies, the Venustas and Milwaukee, have proven to be excellent choices for me. Honestly, during my adventures, I consistently opt for the Venustas 12V heated hoodie due to its prolonged warmth. In comparison to the Milwaukee hoodie, my Venustas choice provides an impressive 25 hours of warmth in a single-switch mode. Notably, the battery is designed with three outputs, facilitating the charging of various devices—7.4V heated apparel, 12V heated apparel, and smart devices. This feature proves particularly useful when my phone runs out of power, adding an extra layer of convenience and safety during my outdoor excursions and adventures.

(Source: Venustas Official Website)


Both Venustas and Milwaukee present outstanding options in the realm of heated hoodies, each tailored to specific preferences. When making your choice, it's crucial to weigh your priorities, considering factors such as heating performance, design, and durability to ensure it align with your winter needs. Regardless of your selection, remember to take into account your unique requirements and preferences.

Whether you prioritize prolonged warmth, innovative design features, or robust durability, careful consideration of these aspects will guide you toward the heated hoodie that best suits your individual winter comfort and style preferences.

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