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07 Jul 2021 0 Comments

Warm and safe: Exercise During Pandemic Winter

The benefits of physical activity and workouts have been demonstrated throughout our lifetime. And due to the COVID-19, people start to pay more attention to both their physical health and mental health. To keep your body in good condition, you should try some exercise. And for keeping spirits up during the pandemic, some research suggests that elevated levels of aerobic activity (exercise that significantly raises our heart rates) may be associated with greater reductions in depressive symptoms. Engaging in physical activity once or twice per day will be helpful a lot to strengthen your body.

Warm and safe: Exercise During Pandemic Winter

Heart-pumping moves

Whether you've been a regular outdoor runner for years or you've only started to try some workouts recently, don't let the freezing temperature or foul weather of winter keep you at home. Instead of hiking and skating, you can choose some exercise that can warm you up quickly, like cycling, running and skiing. Moreover, if you can't go out because of the harsh weather, you can jump rope, which is a perfect cardio exercise and requires a small space.

By doing heart-pumping moves regularly, you can strengthen the muscles pumping blood in and out of your heart. This can lead to a stronger and more effective heart function.


Stay warm and layer up

Always keep your body warm, especially in a cold environment. When you are going to go outside, you need to bundle up with your winter workout clothes to trap body heat and keep out the elements like rain, wind, and snow.

The best option to bundle up is to wear layers. You can wear a thin base layer that can help to dry the sweat, like synthetic-fabric shirts. Then put on your workout jacket, which can keep you warm and prevent the elements. Two layers are enough for the daily activities. But if it's really cold outside, wear a winter vest as your middle layer, such as a fleece heated vest, for additional warmth.

What's more, according to the temperature, your outerwear can be a workout jacket or winter vest. Note that both warmth and sweat evaporation is important, so you can't choose the winter workout clothes that would be too warm or too thin.

Warm and safe: Exercise During Pandemic Winter

A longer workout time

Due to the low temperature, your blood flow will be restricted by the narrowing blood vessels so that your heart has to work harder to pump the blood, which will lead to higher blood pressure and heart rate.

Therefore, to deal with this problem, you can extend your workout time. In this way, you will have enough time to keep your body active and moving at a higher intensity, which can eventually strengthen your muscle and lead to better blood circulation. And since the heated workout jacket can work for 8 hours, you will have plenty of time to play sports.

Warm and safe: Exercise During Pandemic Winter

Avoid public places

Exercising during a pandemic is not an easy task as most gyms are not safe. Working out in your home is fine but can get stifling for some people. So why not just run in an open field or hike across the mountain. Fresh air and beautiful scenery are good for your health and can disperse the winter blues. Moving your workout outdoors keeps it exciting and helps you stay on track with your fitness. With the colder months coming, winter workout clothes will help you training outdoors comfortably.

Warm and safe: Exercise During Pandemic Winter

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