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Venustas Heated Jackets & Heated Vests 2022

10 Dec 2022 0 Comments

As cold weather gradually threats our life, Venustas heated apparel provides users a good way to combat this challenge. Since founded, Venustas depends on advanced and competitive heating performance to win one place in the market. It also receives a great many of positive feedback that leads this brand to constantly develop accessible products.


“I think Venustas is a successful brand. It provides me with comfortable warmth to stay outdoors longer without extra layers. I love the classic 7.4V heated jacket with larger heating areas and upgraded material.”

To keep this trend and give customers more options, Venustas launches a new range of products this winter. So, this blog will show us the uniqueness of these new releases.

New Color

It is easy to find that black is more likely to be common in heated apparel. Some people always complain that the issue of drab black and suggest that the manufacturers would consider bright color ideas. So, Venustas launches the upgrade version designed with bright colors this winter.

Heated Jacket With Heating Areas Control Button 7.4V For Unisex

If bright color is your preference, this heated jacket with heating button control button would be your first choice. It is upgraded on the first version to meet more needs.

This heated jacket comes with green and yellow to meet the color needs. Green and yellow are symbols of brightness to make it more competitive with black or grey. Also, it adopts 6 heating elements and dual control design to provide users with a perfect level of comfort.  

New Material

Material is the main consideration. Venustas always values the using material to develop high-quality products to establish brand credibility. That’s what we can see in its 2022 new releases.

Men's Heated Canvas Vest 7.4V

In the past, polyester and nylon are the common material used in the heated jacket. To show something new, Venustas makes some changes on this Men’s Heated Canvas Vest 7.4V. This heated vest shell is crafted with canvas fabric to enhance the anti-scratch ability and durability. Also, its inner layer is made of graphene and sherpa lining, which guarantees comfortable and long-lasting warmth.

New Design

Design is what a garment wants to stand out in the market because everyone prefers different styles. To keep up with the fashionable trend, Venustas designs various styles, no matter in jackets or vests.

In the women’s collection, Venustas launches a long style heated down jacket. As researched, most women prefer long design because it not only can maintain a good outlook but also prevent cold wind. Also, this women’s heated jacket is full of premium white duck down to bring a better wearing experience.

Heated Long Down Jacket 7.4V For Women

In the men’s collection, this heated vest with a stand collar design looks more stylish. In addition, 5 heating panels cover the core body areas to allow users to indulge in unprecedented warmth in seconds. It would be a perfect choice for stylish men who are more likely to enjoy outdoor life in winter.

Men’s Heated Vest with Stand Collar 7.4V

New Battery

Venustas heated apparel is powered by its batteries. In battery collection, Venustas has two types: 5V and 7.4V. The former is the first version while the latter is the upgrade version. To improve functionality, Venustas upgrades its 7.4V battery.


Compared with the 7.4V battery with 5,000mA, this battery only has 4,800 mAh but it still can retain a competitive heating performance. It can provide up to 10 working hours at low setting. And it is equipped with a DC port to heat more heating elements. Also, it is portable because it only weight 189g.


The above new releases represent the new cheers in Venustas. Everything would be perfect, no matter the color, design, material, or battery. Now, just take the new one to refresh this winter!

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