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Venustas Heated Apparel Using Instruction [2023 Comprehensive Guide]

30 Jun 2023

Founded in 2018, Venustas is on a mission to develop accessible products that doesn’t limit us to any environment. With continuous exploration and development, Venustas has grown into a leading industry with a variety of different types of products, mainly focusing on the development and design of heated clothing. Heated jackets, heated vests, and heated hoodies are the main recommended products, no matter what gender or age you are, you can find suitable products on Venustas.

As a top-leading brand, Venustas heated apparel is very popular among people. However, it may not be particularly clear about how to wear or use heated clothing safely for most users. In order to solve this confusion, we will explain it in detail in this article. Before that, we need to introduce our product composition briefly.

Overview of Venustas Heated Apparel

We always use a carrying bag to package products. Each package should include instruction, clothes, and a battery case. The battery case includes the battery manual, battery, cable, and plug. When you receive the product, please check whether the package list is complete first, and if anything is missing, please contact us as soon as possible. About the heating system, 5 or 6 carbon fiber heating elements (specific quantity of heating elements may vary depending on the specific product) generates heat across the core body areas (left & right chest, mid-back, left & right shoulder (or pockets, depending on the product)). The battery capacity is 7.4 V 5000 mAh or 7.4 V 4800 mAh, and the battery uses Type-C to charge other devices.

How to Operate Venustas Heated Apparel

After confirming that there are no defects in the product, we can begin to use it.

Firstly, insert the power cable (located in the inside pocket) into the port on the battery after the battery is fully charged, the power button on your heated clothes will flash in red/white/blue light and then turn-off (if not, please re-plug). If not, please check if the battery is fully charged.

Secondly, please press and hold the power button for 3-5 s and then the apparel will blink red light for 5 min to pre-heat, then it will automatically adjust to medium heat (white light). If you want to skip the pre-heat stage, you can directly press the power button to switch. We have three different heating degrees, when you press the button and then the red light is on, indicating that it is in the high level, and white means medium level, blue means low level. You can choose them according to your own will.

Lastly, press and hold the power button for 3-5 s until the LED goes off to turn the apparel off.

Here is a video to show you how to use our products in detail.

How to Clean Venustas Heated Apparel

Before washing the clothes, please ensure to disconnect and remove the battery from the zipper pocket, put the plug back and zip up. Both machine wash and hand wash are ok, but if you choose machine wash, we suggest that you’d better use a mesh laundry bag to protect the apparel. And don’t dry clean, iron, bleach, or wring/twist. Please remember the things that we can’t do, otherwise, the heating element may be damaged and can’t be used normally.

How to Take Care Venustas Heated Apparel Battery

The battery is one of the most important parts of our products, so we need to be more careful about how the battery is used and stored. In order to maximize the life of the battery, it is necessary to fully charge the battery before the first use, and keep charging it at least every three months even if it is not in use. We also recommend storing the battery pack where the temperature is 77±2℃ (25±2℃) and the relative humidity is 60±15% RH. And please don’t expose it to liquids or disassemble it, also should avoid dropping it.  


All in all, in the instructions for the use of heating clothing, the most important thing to pay attention to is the part related to the heating system. Once the heating system is used or stored improperly, the clothes will be greatly affected. Please pay more attention to this aspect. And more details please refer to the manual attached to the product.

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Read Venustas heated jacket manual:

Heated apparel 5V

Heated apparel 7.4V

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