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10 Jul 2024 0 Comments

Ultimate Guide to Heated Apparel for People Working Outside

"It's hard to believe I can enjoy working outside in the freezing winter, but thanks to my heated jacket, I can."

Most of us dread working in winter due to the bitter cold. But the work must go on as temperature drops. They have to face these harsh conditions head-on.

For those who work outdoors, whether it's just for a few minutes or for hours at a time, they deserve to stay warm and comfortable. Here we’ve curated the top heated apparel options tailored to various outdoor jobs to keep you comfortable no matter the task.

Runners or Those on Their Feet

Whether you're going for a morning run, volunteering on a chilly day, or standing on your feet for long hours, our heated socks are a must-have for staying warm.

Made with a blend of cotton, spandex, and COOLMAX, our Heated Socks are designed for maximum comfort. The COOLMAX fabric ensures exceptional breathability and moisture-wicking, pulling sweat away from your skin to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Heated socks

With three adjustable heat settings (high, medium, and low), you can customize your warmth just like our other heated gear. Best of all, an integrated microchip in the sock ensures they never overheat, providing you with safe and consistent warmth all day.

Fishers, Hunters, Skiers, Cyclists

Ready to embrace winter sports? Whether you're heading out for fishing, hunting, skiing, or cycling, Venustas wants to keep you warm and enjoy every moment.  

They are hand-on activities, so choosing a pair of gloves to keep your hands warm is essential. Wear our Heated gloves 2.0 for ultimate comfort and performance while enjoying up to 8 hours of warmth.

Venustas heated gloves

Enhanced with 3M Thinsulate Insulation, they efficiently trap heat while allowing moisture to escape, ensuring dry and comfortable hands throughout your tasks. You can stay focused and comfortable with the three adjustable heating levels.

The outer shell is crafted from water-resistant polyester, shielding you from light rain and snow to maintain warmth. Adjustable wrist Velcro, an anti-lost buckle, and a one-pull closure provide a snug fit and effectively keep cold out of the gloves.

Unisex Heated Hoodie

If you’re looking to layer something over your T-shirt or sweater, our Unisex Heated Hoodie is a great choice for you. It’s crafted from breathable moisture-wicking material to keep you comfortable in outdoor adventure. The premium heating elements distribute heat effectively and 3 adjustable heating levels suit your comfort level.

Venustas recycled heated fleece vest

The Women's Heated Recycled Fleece Vest offers another stylish option. Perfect for layering over long sleeves or dresses, it keeps you warm and fashionable. The ultra-soft, eco-friendly fleece ensures comfort throughout your workday. 5 pockets also add great convenience to store your belongings.

Outdoor Volunteers, Truck Drivers, Cleaners, Construction Workers 

For those who brave the elements every winter, staying warm is a top priority. Whether you’re volunteering outdoors, driving a truck, cleaning, or working in construction, our Classic Heated Vest will be your winter essentials.

Venustas classic heated vest

6 ultra-thin carbon fiber heating elements, it provides targeted warmth where you need it most, ensuring comfort and performance in cold conditions. In the low setting, the 7.4V@4800mAh battery can run up to 9 hours to keep you focused on the work all day long.

Venustas Men's Heated Fleece Vest

Our Men's Heated Fleece Vest is another great option to stay warm. Made with soft fleece fabric, it offers both comfort and excellent insulation. Featuring carbon fiber heating elements, it provides up to 9 hours of warmth on the low setting. Perfect for layering, this vest keeps you cozy and agile even in the coldest weather.

Commuters, Outdoor Photographers, Journalists

Staying warm while maintaining a professional appearance is essential for commuters, outdoor photographer, or journalist. Our Women’s Heated Jacket is your perfect companion to keep you warm without compromising on the style.

Venustas Women's Heated Jacket

With a new silver mylar thermal lining, this jacket offers optimal heat retention to elevate your comfort. The stylish hood protects from the elements, and the water-resistant polyester shell ensures you stay dry during outdoor assignments. 

Choose from 3 adjustable heating levels to experience customized warmth. This jacket is designed to meet the demands of your active, professional lifestyle, offering both functionality and elegance.

Venustas Knit Beanie

Pair it with the Knit Beanie, crafted for both warmth and style. Made from soft, breathable material, this beanie complements your outdoor style while keeping you cozy during chilly shoots or morning commutes.

Would you like to keep warm and stay focused on the work? Wear Venustas and engage throughout your tasks!

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