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7 Tips for Walking in Winter [2021 Update]

18 Aug 2021 0 Comments

Walking is more than a simple way to get around. Walking, at any rate, is a great way to improve your physical fitness, burn calories, and minimize the risk of getting sick caused by inactivity. Walking your dog, wandering in the park, or just walking around the neighborhood at a usual speed keeps you active and healthy.

If you put yourself into exercise mode and walk at a faster pace, you can even get more benefits for fitness, health and weight loss. Moreover, keeping walking at a brisk pace in winter is more beneficial. When it's cold, your body has to work harder to maintain its core body temperature- and as a result, you might burn more calories.

As winter is approaching, don't let the freezing weather stop your feet. To help you get well-prepared and enjoy your winter walking exercise, we've created a list for you.

Tips for Walking in Winter


Layer Up

When walking in a chilly field, you will be much happier and more active if you can stay warm and comfortable. No matter what kind of activities you are doing outdoors, the best way to keep your body warm and dry is to bundle up with layers. Layering up with lightweight layers can keep your body insulated while allowing you to de-layer when you get to sweat. Your first layer should be wind and water-resistant. For example, Venustas heated jacket can protect you from the unpredictable elements and cold and change the heat level according to your needs. You can turn it on when you feel cold and turn it off or to the low level to avoid sweating.

Tips for Walking in Winter

If you prefer layering up with vests, why not have a try on Venustas heated vest. It can be your outer shell when days are warmer and meddle layer to provide extra warmth. Simply press the button and turn it on, and then you would be so enjoyable under the protection of heat.

Tips for Walking in Winter


Proper Shoes

Walking in proper shoes is essential. While you might think that footwear doesn't matter, a pair of athletic shoes is your key to walk flexibly and freely.


Protect your Head and Ears

One thing we should bear in mind is that we need to pay attention to those vulnerable areas of our body. Since the temperature is freezing out there, you should cover your head and body to keep them away from the freezing air and wind. So if you are going out for a walk, you can wear Venustas heated jacket with the detachable hood or the puffy unisex heated jacket. With the hood on the jacket, you are able to protect your head and ears at the same time.

Tips for Walking in Winter


Change Your Speed

While walking is good for health, walking at a higher speed has more benefits for fitness and can minimize the possibility of getting sick. You can practice more and boost your average walking speed. But always be careful in case you will slip on the snow road.


Stay Hydrated

Drink enough water is essential though you may not feel thirsty or sweat. Dehydration happens more often in the winter as most people are unaware that they need to drink. Take an insulated water bottle with you while walking so that you can maintain your workout performance and keep safe.

Tips for Walking in Winter


Warm-Up Before You Start

To avoid cramps and muscle stiffness, remember doing a few jumping jacks or high knees to warm your body up before going outside.


Pay Attention to the Road Conditions

Yes, it's winter. Snow and ice everywhere! Keep an eye on your walking path and avoid the slippery icy areas.



Walking in winter can boost your energy as it will get your heart rate pumping and give you more energy for the rest of the day. So what are you waiting for? Get your Venustas heated jacket on and go out for a walk!


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